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  1. Has any one got any pics of the std door edge protectors
  2. Hi mk3, thanks also for the reply. Yourself and Pete are getting some good Auto figures. I didn't mention to Pete mine is a manual, so it will be interesting over the next few months as i get some more miles on the clock ,and a trip to Cornwall. Thanks again chaps for the replies, I will keep you posted. John
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks for the reply not a great deal of difference. The power shift must help?
  4. Hi everyone, Just got a 1.6 125ps estate 2000 mile on the clock , had it a week now and i was wondering what mpg other people were geting. The car does mostly town drving and is a private taxi service for the kids. 32mpg I have not had it on a long run yet so i dont know what the mpg is yet.
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