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  1. MK2 Focus estate...you know it makes sense :D Davydave 8)
  2. I only posted it up for those (like me) who hadnt seen the site yet :twisted: Davydave :D
  3. Check this out http://www.fordeumicrosites.com/en-gb/f ... PU_website Davydave 8)
  4. Now theres a surprise :roll: :roll: Davydave :roll:
  5. Tony I plugged my 3rd Gen iPod in the Aux port on Kevyboy's 2.0 Titanium & I have to say I was well impressed with the audio :D Bear in mind I have well over 100 albums (2182+ choons) on my iPod everything ranging from Drum n bass to Godfather Trilogy :twisted: I gave the Sony system a damn good listening to :lol: I also spun a MP3 cd (Mary J Blige, 50 Cent, Bass choons etc) in the head unit and once again was surprised just how good the standard set up is :D Davydave 8) ps Kev's audio will sound even better soon...you know Kev, standard audio just wont do :wink:
  6. There is a power socket in the rear of a MK1 wagon? Where exactly? Ive had my wagon for over 3 years and if its there..Ive never noticed it :? Estate owners would want one cos we have tons of room for a mini fridge :D (Homer Simpson style) "Cold beer" :P Davydave :?
  7. 350 BHP........I cant see Ford ever producing that :( Even if they did the price would be stupid...would anybody really pay 25-30k for a Focus? :shock: :shock: The current FRS if I recall was originally supposed to have 300bhp & 4wd :twisted: After all the delays it came out fwd & 212bhp...not exactly slow but nowhere near what was first promised :roll: Davydave :?
  8. Cracking motor & a really cool colour too :D I sat in the rear of a 3 door zetec climate & was surprised how much head & leg room I had.....Im just over 6 foot tall :D I test drove a 5 door 1.6 (vvt?) zetec climate & was impressed with the driving position, it is definately more spacious than the MK1. What really impressed me was how familiar it felt, everything control wise was perfect just like the MK1 only better :D Im still not overly keen on the texture of the dash but hey such is life. To drive it was superb, Im sure it will be even better with a set of lowere
  9. Now thats kinda wierd as Kev (Funboy 3) has 19x8" rims with 235/35/19 tyres on his Mk2 lowered 35mm. He has no lock to lock rubbing issues :? Davydave 8)
  10. Let Andysaloon get his hands on a MK2 saloon...he will (excuse the grammar) sort it well and proper :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I remember back in the day when members made comments about his car like: Pipe n slippers, car blankets & are you elderly :? Strange nobody says that about his saloon now as its got serious style, handling & kick * * * * power to match :twisted: :twisted: Bear in mind the Vignale will be based on the saloon, I wonder if it will get the same negative comments? Ive already asked the question when the time comes to change your MK1...what will yo
  11. PM Funboy 3 he has had his MK2 lowered on Wolfe springs :wink: Davydave 8)
  12. Both look sweet mate :D Im liking the MK2 more & more...Im taking a test drive on Tuesday :D Davydave 8) dreaming of a MK2 wagon in Aquarius Blue :twisted:
  13. Hey Ronnie where did you find those pictures :lol: :lol: Davydave :lol: ps the its Loder not Loader :lol: :lol:
  14. Somebody hasnt been paying attention :lol: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64792 Davydave 8)
  15. Hey Bryan you dont wear a dirty rain mac & hide in bushes do you? :lol: :lol: Davydave :lol:
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