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  1. Now that does sound tempting! And i think the titanium is more available than the ST
  2. Nick How do you find the 2.0 tdci in terms of power? I am hoping to get my hands on an ST2 but am looking at a 4-6 month wait, So i think i may go for a titanium 2.0 tdci. At the moment i have a 6 month old 1.6 vvt focus which i am part exchanging (too slow as i used to have a fiesta st) Do you think i will be impressed by the performance of the tdci in comparison to the fiesta st? You are right that's when the fuel gets used. If you keep under 2000 rpm so the turbo is mostly inactive then you will see the best economy. I've tried it and it makes a big difference, but its bori
  3. Hi Has anyone else noticed the lack of power when pulling off with air con switched on? I have a 1.6 vvt focus ghia and have found that over the last couple of weeks of warm weather the car has got to a point that when i pull away on roundabouts and so on it has become dangerouse. This is ok when the weather is cooler and the air con is switched on, but seems to be a problem when the opposite. Could this be a mixture of hot air intake and air con power loss? Cheers
  4. Hi guys Im going to be selling my focus in the next month or so and will be getting a new ST2 to replace it! How much do you guys think i would be looking at getting for it in a private sale? Focus 1.6 vvt ghia in sea grey with sony 6 disc and 17'' alloy upgrade. Reg Jan 2006 Only has 2500miles on the clock!
  5. Im pretty sure that 3 door focus titaniums dont have global window closure or auto door locking!
  6. Dharms I am a ford employee and i to have a focus 1,6 vvti ghia which is aproaching 9 months old in sea grey with sony six disc and 17 inch wheel upgrade. I am thinking of selling privately as i am fed up with ford dealers offering such crap money as part ex. I part exed a 9month old fiesta st and got £500 more that what i payed for but at the time they were quite sort after. This is the only time i have ever done ok with changing every nine months and i have owned around 15 or so new fords! What sort of price have you been offered for yours and for what car? and have you looked into s
  7. i have the sony 6 disc and i can honestly say its well worth the upgrade from standard!!!
  8. I have the Sony 6 disc player im my Ghia and it does not display CD text! Focusghia44 is right that only the Sony MP3 unit displays text info.
  9. Hi Does your focus ghia have a rubber insert in the storage hole on the right hand side of the dashboard under the light controls? My Fathers does but mine does not! This is a handy place to keep coins so i think i should have this but it is missing.
  10. How can you tell the build date from the reg numbers???
  11. I am a ford employee and got 25% of my new focus ghia so with a few extras i got it for £12,500. When i originaly called the dealers and told them i was part exchanging an 8 month old fiesta st i was expecting him to say he would not take it because all the other dealers coulnt shift them! But he said yes he would give me £10,500 for it (£500 more than i payed for it with ford discount lol) so i was laughing. When we did the deal he assured me he was giving me £10,500 so i went ahead and ordered my 1.6 115ps ghia with sony 6 disc and 17'' rims with finance from ford credit. when i got ho
  12. I had mine in feb and it is sea grey wich was not available in pre 06 spec
  13. Thanks for the quick reply! Do you think these have been left of during build in error?
  14. I have a 55 plate focus ghia which i bought in Febuary, My father has a focus ghia which he also bought from the same dealership and picked up 4 days after i took delivery of mine! When cleaning both cars today i noticed that my fathers focus has black plastic rubbing strips on the underside of the sills running the full length of the car but mine does not. He also has submarine lighting and mine does not so whats going on here??? Im thinking that ford forgot to fit the sills to my car or maybe my car was built earlyer on and they decided to fit sills strips to later models. My car is
  15. My ghia does not have submarine lighting but my dads does! We picked them both up the same day from different dealers!
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