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  1. As far as im aware you need to change quite a bit, door looms, floor looms, obivously fit all the electric stuff inside the rear doors. Not sure how accurate that is, someone on here will know, however i recommend you start a new thread so people can read the title and assist
  2. Dunno if its the fact its not wide enough, the kit isnt sprayed, the wheels or its a 5 door but it looks horrible. Sorry if its not RS dont make it one :)
  3. Also, if it is the RS, poor design ford! Just the mk3 with the mk2 bits adapted :roll:
  4. Nice mate really lucky there. Sometimes you miss judge it happens.
  5. Im sure it probably does effect the light output but it would be extremely minimal. Tempted to order some! Need to buff my headlight first though
  6. The fly eye kit is a tinted film which has small holes in it, from a distance it looks just dark but get upclose and you can see the holes. This means that all the light can escape but you still have the awesome effect of dark headlights. I am currently looking at this, i dont see it being hard to do. The stuff im looking at is - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110898550120? ... 1423.l2649 I recommend it, ive seen it a few times and it looks awesome and legal :D Perfect Mod!
  7. Good to see these starting to get modded!!
  8. Yeah I have them on my .mk1 but you need HIDs I know the legal complications but without them they are terrible
  9. Yeah I have them on my .mk1 but you need HIDs I know the legal complications but without them they are terrible
  10. A friend of mine has these on his fiesta 150 in the dark sport ones, look very goood, they are the ones id buy
  11. Yeah definetly illegal, but if thats a kit or whatever please send me a link, ive got a cool application for this =]
  12. Ive got one as you can see in DP, im torn depends what mood im in, as for protection, i also clay, compound, polish, wax the car before putting the bonnet bra on to help reduce marks (so far non) i also dont leave it on for long
  13. Well fast is fun, but its not fun when you crash to many of my friends say, i wont crash, unfortunately you cant predict that and i like to get advice NOT to be told how to drive. Thanks Mate
  14. Sorry guys to sound silly, but by "cruising" do you mean just putting foot down on clutch and rolling, im a bit confused here as to why its "naughty" Young driver, just thought id take some advice
  15. only way is too bang a socket over the outside and slowly undo it..
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