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  1. If EGR valve disabled on 1.6 TDCi, do we have any power gain? Some VW technicians said that, when the EGR valve disabled (dull) Caddy TDi (105 hp version) it gains 25 hp. Is it possible on C-Max 1.6 TDCi 110 hp?
  2. Trend is very similar with Zetec. Just 1 or 2 point is different. for ex. Trend hasn't got alarm and alloys.
  3. Because Trend GEM module does not support Xenon. If you want to do that retro, you need this jumper. But, Ghia GEM module is supporting that option. My 2 firend are do it, them C-MAx is Ghia. They did not need to connect that pins.
  4. I dont think... That console longer 9.5 cm then original. You may mesure space. There is no hole for switch. 3M51 R045B54BE34X1 Finish code: 1353191 Otosan has been imported that, but I bought last one...
  5. Push menu button for 3 seconds. There is different selections. You can adjust new level.. ( I do it on 2006 C-Max CD 6000)
  6. General wiring, EATC control module, antenna wiring and control units are different. You can order that parts fm Otosan but it's really expensive. When I was ask prices, cost is more then 6500 TRL (incl. tax).
  7. ABS sensors already counting turing of tires, motor is drive by wire, that should be with software.. But I need to know, is it any option on WDS.
  8. Hello I've '06 C-Max 1.6TDCi Trend. I don't have traction control on my car. Is it possible to add that? I already change GEM module with Ghia's because of cruise control modification. Is it possible to adding traction control by WDS or any other tool? What is the way? Note: In Turkish market ESP is an pocket option. So, brake assist + TCS+ ESP comes with safety pocket. When I buy may C-Max, I did not buy that option.
  9. Me to do that mod. I bought switches, plug it, but it does not works on '06 1.6 TDCi. Cables are already assembled. I configured GEM with in WDS. It was work but light is not. And, it is functional on just 4th and 5th gears. Today, I changed GEM module (behind passenger airbag) with Focus II Ghia's. Then re-configured with WDS. It's working at the moment. Lamp is lighting on instrument cluster. It functional all gears after 50 km/h (~ 30 miles)
  10. Yes when I bought my C-Max it's already mounted. They uninstall it in 10 minutes. I dont want that because of I will never need that. So I dont wanna pay.. :lol: That part number is just for roof rails.
  11. Yes, as x-rayted said, it's official ford accesories and you may order all european countries with that finish code (1315202). My friend has been ordered with that part nr on december from Germany.
  12. Someone is selling bi-xenon headlights on e-bay. It includes ballasts and bulbs. I bought him my headlights. http://cgi.ebay.de/Xenonscheinwerfer-Fo ... dZViewItem
  13. I am not ford dealer. But I will ask my friend tomorrow for you. (He is spare part dealer.)
  14. Yes I found. I bought mondeo headlight washing motor but I did not install yet because of bad weather condition on Istanbul. It's electrical diagram. (Screenshot from Ford TIS)
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