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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for the response. Couldn't get a reader quickly enough so got my local Ford garage to hook it up and they reported problems with the coil pack on No3 cylinder. They cleared the fault and reset the new plug gaps and took it for a test drive. Guy said it drove like new and the light has not come back on since, but if it does, they recommend a new coil which I can get for £25! Cheers, Steve. :)
  2. Hi All, Hope someone can give some info on the above problem. My Focus is a 1.8 zetec climate (duratec HE engine) has developed a high gear/low speed problem where it will not run happily and appears to hesistate/judder at small throttle openings. I changed the spark plugs the other day as the car has done 40,000 miles and the guy at my Ford dealer said they should be changed at 37,500 miles. For no particular reason I chose Bosch platinum plugs. Fitting the plugs got rid of the problem completely but after a few days use, the engine management light has come on and the car feels slightl
  3. I've just bought an '07 plate Focus Zetec climate with 37000 miles on the clock. Mine had a tiny bit of rust starting at the rear bottom edge of the front wheelarches and I have seen '05 models where rusting this area has crept into the front of the sills, so have a good look around this area both sides, especially on the older ones. The boot had also been leaking on mine around where the rear bumper bolts onto the body behind the bottom edge of the tailgate. Other than that just check all electrics work, especially the heated front screen if it has one fitted. Check for suspension clonk
  4. Hi, From my relatively short experience with the TI-VCT engine they do sound a bit tappety anyway! My partner has a ti-vct and its more noisy than my 1.8 Focus. In my experience with variable valve timing engines, only the Honda V-TEC is quiet, as the MG VVC engine also sounds very tappety! Cheers, Steve.
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