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  1. ... There is no wiring harness for footwell lights on the new Focus sport... only on the Zetec and upwards... :roll:
  2. :) ... Turns out that the clutch on the air con compressor was faulty, I,ve had it replaced under warranty. I used the air con driving back from the dealer and it seems fine now its been repaired, in fact its amazing how quite the air con is now its fixed!... 8)
  3. ...Air con compressor need's replacing (under warranty)... 2005 reg car with under 14k on clock!... :x
  4. Hi, I have a 54 plate 1.6 VCTi with 13k on the clock, I have been using the air con during the recent warm spell but have noticed the "pump" or whwtever it is that runs is really noisy... I mean you really can tell when you switch the air con off, my last (previous shape) 1.6 zetec was as quite as a mouse? ... anybody else got this problem, or is it normal. I have the car booked in (under warranty) for the agents to have a look, but any info would be appreciated thanks. 8)
  5. 8) ... does your motor have the bulb holders?
  6. :) ... you won't find the wiring in a sport as it's based on the LX... only the Zetec and Titanium have the wiring and bulb holders in place!. 8)
  7. :D ... I put the other bulb in this morning, pleased to say I have full footwell lighting now! ... result. 8)
  8. :? ... I wonder why? ... perhaps Ford have realised its an easy upgrade? , seems a bit petty. I don,t wish to teach you to suck eggs but are you sure the bulb holders are not there?, i really did have to get my head under the dash to see them. 8)
  9. :D ... amazing, it works. I actually had a spare capless bulb which simply pushes in place... and then there was light!, just need to do the passenger side when I get chance to pick up another bulb. 8) ... it makes you wonder just how many other "little upgrades" are available on your car that require such a simple tweek?...
  10. 8) ... hmm it,ll be as good as a ghia... (hpman) ho ho ho :wink:
  11. :D ... just read the early post's on this thread, I know I need 501 5W bulbs. Are these bulbs capless? 8)
  12. :D ... looks good to me, I,ve had a quick look and I think the bulb holders (and wiring) are there. It looks like a black round bulb holder that needs a capless buld or similar. Could anybody tell me the exact bulbs to buy please? Thanks. Dave. (crockett) 8)
  13. :? ... I have a 54, plate 1.6 vcti zetec (new shape)... will this car have the wiring in place for footwell lights, and, if so, where do I find it?... are the bulb holders in place? thanks. 8)
  14. :D Aquarius blue does it for me, had loads of Silver cars, very nice but but gettiong a little bit "last five years!" 8)
  15. 8) ... all I did was loosen the shield and "re fit" with a little double sided rubber tape (as used for fastening number plates on cars where you don't want screws showing), its amazing the difference a little "tweeking" can make. Clearly the reason for the vibration is caused by the shield "chaffing" against the inside of the wing, its just one of those daft things that can be fixed in a few minutes once you know the cause. What amazed me was how the problem was always on the front near side, its possible that the shield has not been perfectly moulded to fit as it should, after all NOBODY has
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