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  1. I have seen a K&N induction kit but it's for a 18 - 2 litre mk1 focus .But I have a mk2-5 1800 zetec s will it fit???????????????
  2. captaintommy were do you live . As I know a place in liverpool that powder coats wheels . They will do them at a good price and they will do them in a day
  3. thanks keeley Ive just had a go and the surround come off okay but it was the gear knob and gaitor bit was a pain to seperate .This is the new gear knob iam trying to fit http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ford-Aluminium- ... B002R6UIJS Cheers
  4. i have just bought a new gear knob for my mk2.5 zetec s .How do i remove the leather gaitor from the centre console so i can take the old one off to fit the new one :(
  5. iam also looking for one for my mk2.5 zetec s with no joy mate :x
  6. mudflaps came on saturday fitted rear ones today. Took my time fitting them but they Look good on .I will try and fit the front ones towards the end of the week :D
  7. Hi James when you fitted your mudflaps did you use the top screw hole to line them up :?:
  8. Thanks for all your replys Mudflaps order today http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Mud ... 3717wt_812 When fitted i'll try and post some pictures :D
  9. thanks james i was looking for a few new mods
  10. Hi james82 what other mods have you done to your zetec s as i have got the same and iam looking for some new mods cheers
  11. As anyone fitted these to there zetec s and are they easy to do
  12. Hi all Does anyone know were i can get some mudflaps that are easy to fit my mk2.5 zetec s .I did see some on ebay for £40 with fitting instructions but i can find the seller anymore :( cheers
  13. Okay mate ,I would leave the badge .Have you got any other pictures of mods you have done cheers
  14. rh1no did you fit the st grill on your zetec s if so can you post some pictures as iam interest in get one :? cheers
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