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  1. Ive got solar reflect screen - looks good from outside! =- a purple tint. The car is noticeably cooler inside when in direct sunlight if left in a car park etc, and sat nov works if the aeerial can get next to the rear view mirror - so i have not had any trouble with mine KFB
  2. Guys are there not 4 engine sizes? what about the 2.0tdci 136ps - you know the fast one! thats the one i would get! kfb
  3. Hi guys I dont get this - why dont you get the one that was an option? it looks loads better than that and it is dual zone too? I dont think it looks half as good as the factory fit one - and doubt it works as well either? why dont you ask them to fit it to your car that they are going to send to you as a good will gesture? if you have a ford discount card it only costs about 50 quid more for a factory fit anyways! sorry for the rant KFB
  4. help my door rattles! rear offside passenger door has a rattle - is only a slight rattle but it does drive me mad! how do you get the door panels off?is it easy? does any one elses car rattle? KFB
  5. Hi all I have the Sony MP3 headunit in my Ghia. Do you know if it has RCA outputs on the back? I have a rockford fosgate sub, and amp but would like to know if I can connect them without going down the high power inputs route - as they sound terrible - so terrible it made my sub sound cack on a friends car with my amp - and it aint no cack sub! Thanks all KFB
  6. thanks rs steve :cry: then again you are a mk1 owner :P
  7. Hi all what do you think is the best way to break in a brand new 2.0TDCI engine? The manual says that you should not be to free with the revs and not too enthusiastic for the first 1000 miles? another person has said that their dealer told them to thrash it? what the hell?? help! i dont wanna ruin my engine! i am scared that thrashing the engine when it is still so tight will do damage, and now i am paranoid that gentle driving will do that same? can i have answers and reasons for them>? KFB
  8. I purposefully asked for no badges on my car - i still have the ford at the front and the back - but no othersd - i think they ruin the look of the car KFB
  9. Picked up the motor on monday First impressions - whhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Focus 2.0TDCI GHIA Xenons Leather DEATC - I have read that some people say that this is a waste of time - they have no clue at all! Set the temp and forget about it - no annoying turning the air up and down or any crap like that! Parking sensors - thank god Interior styling - the 6spd gear knob looks amazing Solar windshield Sony mp3 I am driving her softly at the moment - as per manual for the 1st 1000 miles. Oh -and I HAVE SUBMARINE LIGHTING! - which I wasnt too bothered about, and wondered what all
  10. Hi List price was £22.5k all in - so what does everyone think it will be worth in a year? -anyone info on the xenons? Regards KFB
  11. Hi all I went for sea grey - everybody has silver, i love black - but its an a**e to keep clean, and the dodgy fog light surrounds match best with sea grey too. I am not too worried about depreciation, I only plan to keep for 9months to a year then get a new one so I dont think that I will lose too much - maybe 1k - hopefully less. (please correct me if i am wrong) I also got ESP which forgot to mention - i think it cost something silly like 165 with ford discount - had to stop myself though - wanted 18s and the body kit - but am spending far too much! I also was a little worried wi
  12. Thats about 40MPG bigpoppa! if petrol is around 94.9pl Thats not bad at all! KFB
  13. Hi all Got a call from my dealer - my car was built on the 18th of April! He tells me delivery should be 1st week - latest second in May - I hope! Spec : 2.0TDCI Ghia - leather, xenons, sony mp3, solar reflect windscreen, DEATC, parking sensors (because the rear view is appaling!) - total 16500 . (ford discount) I chose the 2.0 diesel after driving the 1.6 TDCI and i was impressed by the pull that it offered - I originally wanted a 2.0petrol - but the TDCI has so much more useable power - hope i have made the right choice. Does the 2.0 diesel have a lot more pull than the 1.6TDCI? Ch
  14. Hi Guys Gettig my new focus soon - its a 2ltr TDCI 06 Got a couple of questions for ya: 1 the sony mp3 headunit - can it play WMA files as well or AAC fils, or are they solely for MP3 use?(i think that WMA sound ten times better) 2 can you fit a dump valve to a TDCI? someone told me it is not possible, and then when i read another thread it states that all turbo charged engines have a form of a dump valve, all being silent, but its still there! Thanks
  15. Guys The one at Ford is not made by Ford. Its MS designs i know this because when I asked they said that they were OOS, but call MS designs, because they actually make the thing! Kink
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