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  1. its true what they say "you get whay you pay for" they look pants :lol: Yes, that statement is true.. but i know quite a few people with these on their MK2 facelift and they look the dogs.
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-FOCUS-Ma ... 644wt_1270
  3. Should be alright, just make sure you get a screwdriver or something right in the centre where it is less likely to break
  4. Does it not just prise off? could try and get a lever of some sort behind it
  5. What do you have? An enclosed induction kit with a snorkel set up right may help more.. I was thinking of giving Pumaspeed a call when i noticed the cams the other week but its a bit pricey.
  6. MK2 or facelift? MK2 you have to remove the stereo to unclip the surround and then you can get access to the window switch surround which has 2 screws iirc. the gear surround unclips with a good tug MK2 facelift is the same but you unclip the stereo surround first and then you can remove the stereo/window switch surround
  7. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! and im saying to get that working you need to do all of what i posted previous!
  8. You need the steering wheel sensor and the looms and than an update to the gem module to get them fully working
  9. No, you have to manually adjust them using the Hex plastic bits on top of the unit. One moves them up and down and the other moves them left and right. Once you look at the headlight you will know what i mean. If you have your standard lights still fitted, you can mark the height of the beam with a marker and when it comes to levelling your directional lights you can match them up. Its what i did with mine :)
  10. The back is always higher so when you put weight in the boot theres no issues with rubbing. :D
  11. Im not sure the Ford stereos are able to control ipods but they do play the tracks when you connect it to the Aux in same with any mp3 player i guess.. for stereos to have full control over the ipod you need aftermarket stereo With a USB stick, it should be as simple as plug and play as long as the stereo can read the music files, and im not sure if they have to be in a specific folder though.. best bet would be check the manual as that will give you all the info you need.
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