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  1. We are wearing masks also Ian when we go shopping some cafes down here you need a mask others you don`t 60000 people watching the Rugby in a stadium no masks must wear a mask on a train during the Rugby they were packed in the carriages like rats to many different rules. Stay Save everybody.
  2. All being well i intend to be there need 2 tickets one car pass..
  3. Got there in the end looking forward to a nice day.
  4. Hi Mike Everything sorted logged onto Eventbrite site and printed my Tickets out from there, Kelvin
  5. Hi Mike found the extra ticket that i ordered in may but cannot find anything about the ticket that was transferred from 2020 Ford Fair will email and phone on Monday just had another look through my emails for 2020 and cannot find anything relating to 2020 Ford Fair it can be sorted hopefully. Kelvin.
  6. Hi Mike have not received my booking confirmation yet with the Tickets which according to the email i should have had, They will probably be following.on looking forward to seeing everybody again and some new Faces.
  7. Glad you are feeling better and getting stronger just take your time nice to hear you are going to Ford Fair.
  8. Hi Guys. I have carried my ticket over. 1 person. 1 car.
  9. I am wondering if we will be allowed into your country on the 21 of June but saying your Country my Grandparents three of them grandmother from Yorkshire Grandfather from Dorset and another english man from Herefordshire .Will we be allowed to cross border into England,We supposed to be going to Cornwall then in June on the 21st will be a strange summer. As long as everyone is safe should be no problem looks like we have to live with covid for a while . Stay Safe. Kelvin.
  10. Hi it was a bit of a nuisance hope your health improves over the coming months and you can sort your car out we are being let out Saturday here in Wales and tourism and shops are being allowed to open, cannot travel more than five miles from home all want i want to do is go for a nice drive and visit the coast. As long as it a nice sunny day for Ford Fair there is a chance she might come. Stay safe and take things easy,
  11. Hi Mike been meaning to get in touch before now had a problem with my old laptop Microsoft stopped working could get everything up but could not answer anything.Now i am using Google i have carried over from last year my car pass and one ticket will try and persuade my wife to join me looking forward to it be nice to get back to what people are calling a New Normal will be nice to meet you all again just settling down to watch Wales play France hope it is a good game .Stay Safe everyone see you all soon.
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