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  1. dont fancy wasting money would prefer to know before hand!
  2. Hi was thinking of getting a rear st diffuser for my rear bumper. its a mk2.5 titanium bumper. i wanted to know if it's possible to change the diffuser and does it fit? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks ill give it a try. thanks for the help.
  4. Have tried but it comes up with nothing. how much you pay for your bits and where you get them from? Also what do you type in on ebay? Could be how im searching.
  5. thanks for that mate, i already fitted some hids on it and i have a cat back exhaust. similar to st but the tips are slightly bigger. where can you get these bits from? are they expensive? thanks
  6. Hey all i wanted to change the look of my focus. i was wondering what items can i use from the st rs or zetec s that are straight swap on to my mk2.5 titanium. Please any ideas.... thanks
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