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  1. The airbag/pretensioner warning light on the dash amongst the dials!
  2. I've just looked back over a few threads and seen there are 2 ways, 1 to get a flat head screwdriver in to release it, 2 to take the tray off and slice yourself up. I'm happy to do either, especially with the rage im in now! but could someone post me some pics of the lock mechanism so I know what I'm butchering please!!
  3. Picked the car up last night, it was good as gold for test drive (both times!) On the way home the airbag/pretensioner light comes on and stays on, no biggy, I can deal with that when I get round to it. As I'm doing my checks this evening, tyre pressures, light bulbs, electrics etc, I go to open the bonnet to check the oil etc and cant open it!!! I'm turning the key anti-clockwise, then clockwise as described in both the picture next to the lock, and the handbook, and it is exactly the same type of opener as I have on my transit so It's not me being a nob (is it?!). Has anyone else had
  4. :lol: Hi guys and gals. I learnt my lesson when I bought my vectra sri 150 7 years ago. Had I done my research beforehand I could have saved £1800 in repair bills after my timing chain snapped, all for ther sake of a £2.50 part! My question to you all is this; What do I need to look out for when buying a used mark II zetec climate on an 05 plate with 50k on the clock? Are there any common faults that I need to look out for or planned obsolescence parts that I would benefit from replacing straight away? Any help you can give is massively appreciated. Cheers Matt
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