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  1. thanks for the welcome guys, However no picture needed, it's just a simple red light, nothing etched or printed. if you have a c-max or focus with similar dash ... it's the light that doubles as the immobiliser light. i.e. when you lock the car, the light comes on showing it's locked and set. There are no markings to indicate what it is ... it's out when driving normally ... but now it's on when running uploading a picture isn't going to help (I understand that in other cases the picture tells all, but not in this case). thanks for your quick replies .. PS I've seen a few responses si
  2. I hope someone can shed some light on this (pardon the pun). ever since I had the turbo replaced on my TDCi, there's a red warning light coming on intermittently. Not any of the regular warning lights, ICE, Brakes etc. but the one in the centre of the dash between the gauges. This light is normally the one that flashes when the car is immobilised and locked. Sometimes it's flashing really fast, sometimes it's slow and pauses for a few seconds and starts again. Sometimes it's not on at all and then all of a sudden it's on... it's not heat related, or rain, driving style ... just rando
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