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  1. hiya if u dont want to cut into the sat nav wiring i suggest going into halfords say and buying one of those lighter socket extensions ( ie with the female socket) and wire that to a fuse point that is ignition switch - then plug the sat nav to that. this also has the advantage keeping all the wires out of sight WHILE letting you disconnect it for saftey etc 8) thom
  2. i guess the truth is somewhere in the middle - as it usually is!. Even though personally i was so p***d off with the ST run-a-round that i took back my 1k deposit i remain interested in this forum because in my opinion, the ST is a great car. But ford as a car manufacturer obviously aren't up to it. They have set their expectations low. When i speak to a ford dealer as far as i am concerned YOU ARE FORD. I do my bit - hand over my 1k - now i expect something for it - and in 12weeks please - not probably six months!! Both ford and its dealers should aspire higher - just cos they sell loa
  3. hi 182 and all i ordered in jan.. got messed about and collected back my 1k deposit last week. i am gonna a get a second hand mk5 gti - if you pick one with a cd changer they have got centre arm rests. its just that with secondhand getting the right spec for the right money can be a b@*!$h trb75 is damn lucky - but with all this hassle i seem to have gone off the focus abit :cry: i hope it isnt a case of giving a dog a bad name before......
  4. exactly 182 blue...i had decided to buy one from a shop floor and retrofit some of the extras on later.... but i am thinking used mk5 gti now - 'trying to focus' will probably agree :wink: i just cant believe ford could mess something as big as this up. I have never owned a ford and this would be my first time.... not good i am afraid
  5. I understand kens point - he used cost minimisation to get the best from his deal. if you want a new car and will be trading in your old one, it still makes sense to do so at the point when you have got as much as you can from the old car. So when the new car is delayed, this can cause you make unbudgeted spends on the old car. I was in similar situation - ordered st january cos my old car needs mot apr, service in july. now they postponed delivery till july i have decided to cancel order and get a used gti :lol:
  6. thanx guys i thot as much. yea - i just cant believe these dealers sometimes - u almost have to inform them on the product they are supposed to be trying to sell you. thanx to ffoc, got the cd changer info from this forum - i was told by same dealer it was included when i order too :shock: well, i plan to cancel my order and maybe buy one thats on a shop floor! - but i really, really wanted the dvd sat nav.... :(
  7. respect! i have checked the forum, and there is mention of playing mp3 cd's on the dvd sat nav head unit only but not via the cd changer. talked to my dealer to confirm - says he spoke to ford: "dvd sat nav option on the focus ST 2.5 cant play mp3 cd's. you could hook up a third party player via aux in." Is this true??? silly that the the mp3 functionality of the midrange car audio option isnt retained in the top end option.... So if anyone has got a dvd sat nav on their new focus ST could they kindly let me know if their's plays mp3 cd's. thanx for any info
  8. well, guess we need someone to let us know the score from that end. personally my part ex will need a service, and will lose further value - costing me about 500 pound on the deal. I plan to wait... i bet by mid year things will calm down, maybe internet companies will start getting a thru put and re-evaluate things
  9. focus 2.5 st 2 with dvd sat nav etc. on 13 jan
  10. guys got a call from dealers today - build dates changed due to Ford re prioritising orders - so now i am looking at may/june delivery - not sure even! was orginally to be built 24 march for 8th april!! - i have canceled the order. maybe i should look around abit more be for parting with 20k....... it was a sign 0X maybe....
  11. delivery date april 8th name thom model st2, 3dr, dvd nav, s/r, btooth color sea grey old car toyota corlla t sport
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