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  1. if it was painted and they used a better colour then it would look good. i would buy it if i could afford to.
  2. get onto bbc watchdog about this and see if others have reported it, its seems a few peeps have had this issue.
  3. one guy on another forum has done this and the car looks better in my opinion and newer, go for it mate.
  4. ha ve you got steel locking nuts Lee? I replaced mine with some Taperpro ones: http://www.taperpro.co.uk/2012/locks.htm i got some black ones and they seem better made than the ford ones. you can always pay more and get the adonised ones!
  5. you have to get a rca convertor and use the rear speakers to connect to it. this will give you the rca plugs. for the remote wite, i used a switched power feed from the rear of the unit - i have a dab unit though. halfords used to do it but i couldnt find the link. ( did mine about 2 months ago so surprised i cant find it)
  6. or you could get this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320903839483? ... 1438.l2649 or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-Fu ... 4d015fa1d2
  7. he's right. i saw a titanic model today and the bumpers are the same and i tried the st diffuser and know that it doesnt fit. i assumed the titanic model already had a diffuser.
  8. give it a try, buy one from ebay and if it doesnt fit then sell it back on ebay!
  9. look under your spare wheel, if you dont have one then ford sell them, approx £5. looks just like a small funnel.
  10. you could always use a fly-eye kit. google it.
  11. Lee, is yours petrol or diesel? i have had a twin exit pipe put on after the rear box on my tdci. i was advised that if i removed the box it wouldnt sound great plus emmissions maybe an issue come MOT time. currently the car is looking like this:
  12. * * * *, i've never heard of this. somethings not right. pester ford and make sure they sort it mate.
  13. all the cars look good, may need lowering though :D
  14. look at this: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/to ... guide-fitt ing-st-gauge-pod-to-focus-tdci-dash/
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