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  1. a lot of peeps say just change the springs to eibachs and the ride will be fine. link to RS bumper: http://j-w-racing.co.uk/product.php/674 ... _mk2_style
  2. just a style tdci - mods are coming - got hold of the zetec front lip, picking up an ST rear bumper soon and already have some 19" BBC CH replica's fitted so need to lower it (might foul the front arches so looking for some RS wings as they are wider). tempted to buy the JW Racing front RS bumper for non RS models but its £400+ :shock:
  3. thats good to hear. i havent got heated windscreen and looked into it, the looms in place, just need the relays, switch and new windscreen! cost was around the £500 mark so de-icer cans it is :cry:
  4. use a wire brush - better using a drill attachment to take off the loose rust and then give it a few coats - not one thick coat) and then post the pics!
  5. i think there are fuses, i'm sure there was a thread on here about it. i have also read that the wiper link catches the drivers side strip (under the plastic cover) and this causes it to break. best to just google focus heated windscreen to see what hits you get.
  6. ive used hammerite before and it'll work. the drum would heat up enough to cause an issue. would recommend getting the wheels off to do it though.
  7. as above, bang on a slightly smaller socket to remove or go to a tyre changing place to see if they have a locking wheel nut removing tool.
  8. deffo obd2 compliant as i have a bt adapter and the torque app on my phone and it works fine. have you tried it in another car?
  9. * * * *, looks like it wont show the pics, the original thread is here: http://www.focusstoc.com/forums/topic/1 ... val-guide/ Mods, feel free to remove if this is against the forum rules.
  10. this guide may help: Hi Everyone, Most of you wont know me, but I do lerk around on the forum every now and again but not so much recently because I have been busy with a mini pre-summer project for my facelift PB This is nearly complete now, and as part of it, one of the "to do" things was to spray my grills Now I searched the forum for a good in depth guide for those of us who are car modding veterans or even close and I couldnt find one in one easy to find place, so I have decided to make my own. Now this guide offers a different way of doing the grills - a bit longer, but saf
  11. the ST grill deffo looks good - someone get a guide up! the rear diffuser can be bonded onto the rear bumper after you cut off the tabs that poke out. i have got mine but not got round to fitting it yet.
  12. i purchased my haynes paper edition from ebay for £10 delivered. find it better to keep in the car than having a pdf/cd version
  13. is it windscreen/glass mountable or body mounted? if its body mounted then make sure then is a good connection with a part of the body. if its a glass mount one then put it in a corner of the windscreen where its not very visible.
  14. a guy called Lenny has fitted the ST pod to his dash: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/to ... tdci-dash/
  15. thats not bad going, might be putting my old ones on there soon as i have purchased some 19's :D
  16. guys, not sure if your aware but there is an app for smartphones that you can use to check for fault codes using your OBD port. I have used it and it works fine and also clears your codes and you can see live data on there: not from my car but plenty of vids on youtube: the app is free and there is also a paid version out there. the OBDII bluetooth scanners are available thru ebay for less than £20. I though I'd mention it as its a worthwhile investment.
  17. i found these 2 sets: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190372673945? ... 1438.l2649 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120770241056? ... 1438.l2649
  18. Hi Guys, what type of security does the Focus come with? Is it Cat 2? I'm hoping that it is this as minimum for insurance purposes.
  19. * * * *. is the bonnet wider too then? I take it the ST-3 look is my best bet then?
  20. thanks. cant wait to start modifying it. looking at the RS bumpers and ST alloys although I have the 16" smaller versions. I hope I dont need to buy lots of trim pieces etc to make the front/rear bumpers fit.
  21. well, i bought it and am very happy with it. feels bigger and wider than my leon cupra i had before. now the lookout for parts begins as i want to modify it.
  22. i'd go for 2 x 4" singles either side although the dual twins look good too.
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