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  1. Quick update on the mot situation I put it in today with the xenons and it passed no problems. They say the new rule is a gray area and is aimed at hid headlight not xenons. :D
  2. Cool I don't have the standard lights but will sorce a pair
  3. How do I go about changing the bulbs? Is the wiring loom the same for the standard head lights?
  4. Hi guys I have a focus titanium tdci with all the st kit on it. The headlight are above. Then problem I have is I'm not sure what they are st zenons or hid in the standard headlights. They are not self levelling and have manual adjusters on them. I'm just getting worried wether they will pass an mot. Also I don't have headlight washers.
  5. Can anyone suggest a tow bar that will go on my focus that would mean me cutting the st bumper?
  6. Cheers mate thats answered all my questions. Its a bigger job that i exspected was hopeing i could use the standard st gauges mite have to re think this one.
  7. Hi guys i have a tdci with all the st bits added including the boost gague. Does anyone know how i go about wireing it in? There is no loom attached to it. Can i just buy the loom and connect to my standard loom or is it more complicated than that?
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