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  1. mk2 forum is dead thats why i put it on general :wink:
  2. yes i have played with it, trying to connect power fold mirrors and new radio. proberly my fault.ive tried a few independant garages and they say it needs to go back to fords. prob need to sell a kidney now :)
  3. does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to put my mk2 focus back to factory setting at a main dealer? only asking as i have electrical problems with it ( no headlights or dash at start up) thanks
  4. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWNX:IT i wanted black but had to make do with silver.
  5. ive finally found and recieved a mk2 die cast 4 door ghia, 1;43 scale by minichamps.
  6. is it possible to change the glass as ive have a chance of getting some black headlights which have a few scratches on and was wondering if i could swap the glass from my own lights. thanks alan
  7. check the fuses as theres one for the left and one for the right hand side, i found this out after ford changed my screen only to find out the left fuse was missing. alan
  8. just a heads up, ive been to costco today and they now stock the flat wipers for the mk2, they are made by goodyear so should be ok, and are about £6.00 each. i got a 26" drivers side one to try and i its seems ok using the washers. these are available on ebay at £17 each :shock: only problem is that they dont do 17" but do 16 & 18". alan
  9. my cars coming up to 11000 miles (july 06) and i was told it needs its first service at 3 years or 12000 miles, its going to a independant garage next month. i bought the car in jan with 9500 miles on it from smc ford with a empty service book. alan
  10. ipod, cigs and lighter, quite a good little hiding place. alan
  11. between your legs towards the floor. mines a 06 ghia
  12. and ive only just found a new storage pocket in the cushion in the drivers seat. :oops: alan
  13. my 2006 ghia has just hit 10k, got me wondering who has the highest mileage mk2? ive also got a whizzpopper combo van, r reg, which has done 247,000 miles and doesnt miss a beat. alan
  14. that was the first thing i checked, no mention of it.
  15. well ive emptied the washer bottle and no warning light came on, so still no wiser what the amber light is for, it has not flashed since. should a 2006 1.6 ghia have a low washer warning light? mine has'nt :( alan
  16. definately amber, it comes on with the ignition then off when engine starts. alan
  17. does anyone know what the tiny orange warning light at the bottom left of the trip computer is? 2006 1.6 ghia. mines flashed for a split second twice recentley and i can't find anything in the manual about it. thanks alan
  18. mines in the bodyshop being sprayed at the mo along with the front fog light surrounds, looking forward to getting it on. alan
  19. mines a 06 ghia, i dont want to go back to smc as they will prob make it worse :) , i have been emailed from a non member with a cure, a small valve that goes in the pipe about 2 cms from the jet. finis code 1058610. i will pop to another ford dealer and see what they say. alan
  20. they are making a right mess of my black bonnet :x , would a new pair sort this problem out, and does anyone know roughly how much they cost? thanks alan
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