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  1. i asked ford to switch mine on when the car was rigged up to their computer last week along with the steering option thing, they said it cant be activated, this is on a 06 1.6 ghia. alan
  2. as soon as the warrenty is finished (11 months) i will be using my local machanic.
  3. is it the same as the focus zetec s one? alan
  4. i have, they say they need to keep hold of the car for a few days to completely clear the ecu (10 hours) and the reboot it (another 10 hours). oh well im getting a cortesy car for a few days tomorrow while they sort it out once and for all i hope. alan
  5. in fact its the same smc dealer in slough. long story short..... car was booked in for last tuesday at 9am, 8.50 we get a phone call saying mechanics are all off because of the snow :? , so thats one day holiday ive wasted. rebooked for sat 9 am, car went in to have fuse for heated screen put in and fix missfire and poor fuel consumption. 3 hours later the mechanic gives me the keys and says all the fault code have been sorted but now the traction control fault code has come on and they cant find the problem, and i will have to rebook the car in. rebooked in for yesterday (another days holida
  6. does anyone know if the mk1 aliminium knobs will fit on a mk2? alan
  7. check your coolent tank is getting hot as well as the engine, i had the same type of smell in my mk1 recentley and found out the head gasket had gone. hope yours is not the same problem. alan
  8. thanks, i will try that. the car is booked in for 3rd feb to check it out and try and cure a slight miss fire. alan
  9. the story... 3 weeks ago i bought a 2006 1.6 ghia, the dealer said it would be checked over before i took it home. off i go happy with the car. next morning theres a heavy frost so i use the heated screen for the first time, only to find only the drivers side works. so took the car back (smc) and a mechanic checks it and says i need a new screen, today the screen was fitted but 3 hours later i went out in it only to find the problem was the same (new screen didnt cure it), so back to ford. the mechanic has another look but cant suss out whats wrong, so i asked him if he checked both fuses (lef
  10. ive only had the car nearly 3 weeks, done 475 miles on £75 worth of petrol :shock: . alan
  11. i have a 2006 1.6 ghia petrol, the cars only done 8500 miles since new. im only getting 24-25 miles to the gallon on average (mix of motorway and town driving), thats going by the fuel computer and my own calculations. the oil is new and so is the air filter. my old 1.8 ghia (v reg) with 86000 miles used to return 30-32 on average. would a ecu reset help this? or any other ideas before i take it back. alan
  12. thanks for all the replys, and thanks for the pm from craigAT, shame you could'nt post the info on the forum. alan. p.s its a 98bhp
  13. thats what i said to her, stupid woman lol. alan
  14. thanks for that, ive just changed my insurance from a mk 1 1.8 ghia to a mk2 1.6 ghia and the woman on the phone said it was a 8v. alan
  15. i bought a mk2 1.6 ghia 2006 today, can anyone tell how i can find out what bhp it is?, even the ford salesman didnt know and should it have a engine cover on it as mine does not. thanks alan
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