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  1. has anybody had a rattle the passengers side of the boot. i have checked all the obvious removed the parcel shelf , any suggestions would be appreciated Paulg
  2. Any body know where is the adjuster for the handbrake.
  3. Does anybody know where to adjust the hand brake on the new focus i have to pull mine up about 7 clicks or it will roll back Regards paulg
  4. I have just looked through my mk2 focus hand book and am i right . It states the the base warranty is for one year , and you have the option of taking out an extended warranty ,which you have to pay for .I believe most car makers give a 3 year warranty can anybody enlighten me on this one . paulg
  5. Thanks Iain. will the use of 10/40 oil have cause a problem I have used 10/40 grade oil in my other cars /seat ibiza / whizzpopper astra ,/ ford escort/with no problem . Cheers Paulg
  6. Bought my focus zetec climate from a car super market It was due for its first service as part of the deal they serviced the car . They have stamped the service book and gave a list of the work done, they used 10/40 motor oil !in the hand book it states 5/30 motor oil will this invalidate the warranty or cause any harm to the engine Paulg
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