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  1. Hi Gandalf thanks for the reply Ive had all the mountings checked and I thought it might have been the lower gearbox/bulkhead mounting but all seems ok, somone has said that the clutch, dual mass flywheel is the problem, but I dont want to go to this expense unless I have too. Bob
  2. I have a problem where under acceleration in 5th and 6th there is juddering from the front as if you have the car in too high gear and its going to stall, when you stop accelerating the juddering stops, front springs, shocks, ball joints ect are all ok. the garage has replaced the nearside drive shaft, and cv joint but the problem persists, can anyone give me any Ideas as to what the problem could be. car is a 2.0l tdci titanium 4 door saloon on a 55 plate (2005)
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