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  1. thanks mate will give that a go. :D
  2. hi guys, my focus took a ding yesterday, the misses hit a column whilst reversing out of a parking space, :( it's damaged the door handle where by the handle has come slightly loose, (see pic) how can I tighten this up?? she also managed to dent the door slightly just on top of the handle, any tips on how to take this out? cars a 2008 titanium, thanks guys [/img]
  3. thanks for the reply, got the system today :D the gps antenna plugs into the back of my stereo , don't really want the little magnetic black box visible any other ideas apart from the dash,at the moment it sitting on the radio itself but can;t check it out as i'm still waiting on the gps software to come through. thanks **Update -All sorted and working. stuck the antenna on the system itself and its working with full signal strength.
  4. thanks mate will do. ***mods you can delete this thread as it's now a duplicate** Cheers
  5. I tried to upgrade my license plate bulb this morning to some led type one, however I ended up breaking the clear plastic which covers the bulb :( . can I get a replacement plastic cover or do i need to change the whole thing. Mine was suppose to just prise away with the screw driver but ended up breaking the stupid thing. Anyone know the part number and how much it costs??? my existing one dosen't have any screws.
  6. thanks Tom, will check thid out in the morning. If anyone wants to know how to tap off from the battery,this will help.
  7. cheers adam. One more thing if someone can help me with,I've popped the bonnet open to find out the best way to feed a 12v supply from the engine to inside of my car but I have no idea as everything looks so conceled in the engine. basically I want to put a few LED on my front grill which will be connected to the battery ( i've worked out how to do this :lol: ) this will be connected to a switch inside the car so i can turn it on and off when required. I'm looking for the rubber grommet but can see where it is :?
  8. Do you not just tap the live into the sidelights and attach the earth to the bodywork? I fitted aftermarket parking sensors and they just required 2 wires (one to live reverse so they only come on when put in reverse, and the other wa attached to the bodywork (for earth) Adam. i'm going to give it ago ,can i tap into it by using a 15 amp cable lock ? something like this: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_255229 cheers
  9. thanks for the reply guys, think I might get someone to do this for me as I don't like messing around with electrics. I'm in London so if anyone who does this for a living PM me please and will sort a price out.
  10. Hi Guys, Car looking abit dull so need some advice please . I want to buy some Led to install on my front grill and maybe a few to install inside the car. Is there a guide showing how to connect the contacts up to the car battery?. Secondly if I install LEDs inside the car where can I wire this up to does it need to be connected to the battery again?? if so how do I get the wiring to battery from inside the car Any help on this subject will be much appreciated. I've looked on Youtube for a tut but no luck. Thanks 8) 8) 8) :) :) :?
  11. Just looking for ideas on some led lighting, would this be legal if I done something like this? :D
  12. Anyone know where I can buy a Haynes manual for my focus 08, pdf version preferably, thanks :)
  13. So thats the noise I'm hearing every morning when I fist set off. what would happen if you ignore it.think I'll take it back to ford as Its still under warranty.
  14. any ideas where I could place the GPS Antenna, is it ok behind the glovebox?? :?
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