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  1. Many thanks everyone for your responses! I nearly always have the air-con on whatever the weather because I was under the impression that if you leave it off for a period of time, it can cause damage to it ... I just never noticed the lack of power before having the air-con on full blast. I am quite happy with the power of the 1.8 - if it can cause wheelspin without much effort in dry conditions, it's powerful enough for me! I'd probably be dangerous with more power. (Hmm, I may be dangerous already...) Oh, and I don't mean to pick on you Mastertech :D - I appreciate you sharin
  2. I had a few problems with a duff battery, such that on one occasion when it had almost drained itself, it kept setting off the alarm. Do you have any other symptoms that the battery may be low - e.g. laboured cranking when you start the engine?
  3. Just a quick question about my 04 plate 1.8 petrol Ghia... With the hot weather we've been having, I've been driving with the air-con on full blast. Blissful! However, I've noticed that I seem to need to rev the engine more than usual to pull away. I normally pull away fine at about 1,500 - 2,000 rpm, but now I seem to have no (or much less) power until over 2,000 rpm. Is it because the air-con is sapping the engine's power? Is this to be expected? Am I imagining it? Should I worry? :? Sorry if I sound completely ignorant. I'd be interested to hear what you think.
  4. Had a curious thing happen recently. Went to unlock the car as usual with the key fob remote control, and nothing happened. Tried several times next to the car, pointing through the window, etc. I know from the manual that sometimes the keys can interfere with the signal, so I had the keys palmed in my hand, behind the fob. Still nothing. So I unlocked the car with the key, which set off the alarm that I was able to switch off only by switching on the electrics at the ignition. The strange thing is that the car started with no problem, so I do not think that it is a repetition of the p
  5. Hi, you are not alone. Have you seen this thread: http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112744? So far, a new battery has worked for me, even (coincidentally?) improving my mileage per gallon, according to the trip computer ...
  6. 8 / 10 for my 1.8 Ghia petrol. Very nice car to drive and nice spec, really only let down by minor niggles (don't all cars have these?) and disappointing after-sales service from the dealer.
  7. I am pretty sure that the manual recommends taking it easy, pretty much as recommended above, although I cannot remember the specific guidance it gives.
  8. I did have a puncture and struggled to remove one wheelnut. But I would recommend loosening the wheelnuts before jacking the car up - that way you can stand on the brace! Once the nuts are loose, then jack the car up.
  9. I don't doubt that you know what you're talking about Mastertech, but I have never experienced this when jump-starting my C-Max. The manual recommends that you put on the heated screens and blower before disconnecting the jump-leads to prevent spikes (if I remember correctly). Is this built-in failsafe only on newer models (i.e. newer than an 04 Ghia), or am I just showing my ignorance?
  10. Disney_cjd, I would be interested in hearing how you get on. I must have jump-started my car a dozen times (from other cars) and been lucky enough not to blow the electrics - I did not know there was much risk of doing that. Hope your problem is resolved soon.
  11. An update: - I have agreed to have a new battery fitted at half-cost. The other half is apparently being met by Ford's goodwill scheme. To me, this is an acceptable compromise. All being well, this will sort out the problems. Many thanks for all of your comments. Now that I've found this forum, I'll continue to visit!
  12. Thanks for such prompt replies. As it happens, I looked at other threads before and after posting, and only on closer inspection have I realised the relevance of some of the other topics (e.g. battery removal and clock problems) - I passed these over before as not being the same problem as mine. However, although I have not had the problems of the clock resetting itself or anything like that, it sounds as though the voltage set point fix might help. Is there any way of checking whether this has already have been done, or do I simply ask the dealer? As for software updates in general, my
  13. Hi all. I'm new here, having found this forum after turning to the Internet for some help in dealing with my local Ford dealership. Browsing this forum, I cannot easily see anyone else having had the same problems I have had, but I would appreciate any help or information offered. I've had the Ghia from new for a couple of years now. Lovely car. It was a bit disconcerting when it would not start when I purchased it, and apparently it was just flat battery! These things happen, I thought. After having the car a few weeks, the engine warning light came on. To Ford's credit, they sorted
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