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  1. Hi Bryan Hope you're OK following the accident. Yes the stop /start is the Econetic feature I'm talking about and certainly it seems to require a bit of clutch movement to register whether the pedal has been depressed for the Econetic feature to work (It only cuts out when the clutch (and presumably throttle) are not being depressed). I suspect this is one reason why the clutch has to be so high and causes the disparity in heights overall.
  2. Hi slayingfocus I'm not looking for the pedals to be at exactly the same height just for the difference in heights not to require legs of different lengths to operate the vehicle comfortably and safely. What is the difference in heights in your Mark 2 pedals? p.s. 6cm = 2.36 inches so I'm not talking under an inch in terms of overall difference.
  3. Hi Last month I took delivery of a 61 plate manual Diesel 1.6 Mark 3 Titanium Focus with Econetic (a feature which cuts the engine when idle to save fuel). I've driven Focuses for about 12 years and have been very happy with them. I've also never experienced the following problem before. My big problem with this new car though is the pedal heights which vary a lot. Overall the accelerator is about 2cm below the brake and the brake about 4cm below the clutch (all measurements at rest). This means that the clutch is about 6cm higher than the accelerator even when the accelerator is not d
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