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  1. any signs of a leak? i think the fluid container is under one of the headlights, you have to remove the light to get access to check the fluid level
  2. think theres a filter in gearbox that needs replacing, and gearbox oil change will help 8)
  3. exact same with mine, recharge cured it, 8)
  4. 30-40mins buddy, leave it to the pro's and dont let the cfc's escape :wink:
  5. did pre fill and used bungs to stop draining back, but still a nightmare!! * * * * design for somebody like me that changes filter every year because of iterferance fit fuel pump, and the metal swarf that builds up in the filter basin.
  6. just had mine done today at kwik fit £49 guarenteed cooler than it went in, good service just turned up :)
  7. anybody know a good way of bleeding the system after filter replacement, just had a absolute mare doing it, why no prime pump ford? :x :cry:
  8. looking for the emergancy filler funnel/nozel, but don't know what it looks like or where to find it, was it a option? cheers
  9. yep seen it pal, but the vid shows mk1 st gauges fit in a mkii car,all the post shows are after market gauges fit, 2 gauges max, not 3 as the vid shows
  10. anybody get in touch with zvhdan off you tube, the link qouted does not show the gauges in the vid!!
  11. oil temp sensor location, oil presure switch location on 2.0 tdci also please
  12. Hi folks, looking for all the tech detail on the above gauges from centre console on the RS, Auto data 2008-onwards, got the loom, looking for ecu connections/sensors pin numbers, which colour goes where etc etc.any help greatly appriciated. anybody put them in afterwards and got them working? Cheers Andy
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