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  1. just posted on your other one, can put a pic of my mk2 with st spoiler on? pretty much same rear end?
  2. ive got pics of my mk2 if you wanna see them? dropped on 30mm eibachs but actual drop is 20mm, and yeah my backs higher too, apprently normal incase you have a full boot and 3 people in back or some bs :L
  3. i have this problem aswell and i know what it is, after taking it too ford with no luck might i add, i found out it was the catch that the folding part of the seats locks onto the back of the car when they are in the upright position, i drove round with it slightly out and the noise went away, but soon as someone sits in it, it just clicks back into place, i put some grease in the mechanism and seems to have solved it for now, hope this helps anyone!!!
  4. what do you guys think? might be getting some angel eyes for my mk2, though have been reading some reviews saying its like candle light compared to standard headlights, anyone fitted these or had experiences with these any advice would be welcomed thanks
  5. Just found this post, depends on what kind of windscreen you have, with mine anyway the auto light switch is behind the rear view mirror and the auto wipers are 2 sensors with flat wires attatched the base of the windscreen, found this out when had mine replaced due to 3 stone chips and a crack along the bottom of it, hope this helps if you havent already found a way of doing it
  6. mine does that aswell, read somewhere else its like a relay or something, but mines the 1.6 (115) and apprently the 1.6 (100) doesnt do it, could be mistaken though
  7. i jacked up both sides, slacked all the anti-roll bar nuts off, undid the bottom bolt that everyone says is stuck (used alot of wd40 and big breaker bar followed my air gun, came off after alot of swearing! then if that doesnt work, for one side of mine had to put a jack under the whole arm, undo the inner nut and whole thing just comes off, new spring on a re-assemble :)
  8. After some advice, ive recently lowered my focus on eibach springs, the front has dropped nicely but it seems the back hasnt dropped much at all, just wondering if anyone has done this and had the same problem? or just me being stupid and need to put even lower springs on, was a 35mm kit cheers
  9. I did mine myself only took 3 hours, need to get geometry done now as one wheel is pointing in abit :(
  10. umm i didnt measure exactly but it dropped it about 30/35mm, yeah looks so much better and alloys fill the arches so much more now, doesnt rub either on full lock can still about an inch of room between car and wheel, and dont know sorry ill have a look at the springs see if i can see if it says but cant remember sorry :(
  11. Hey, i know this thread hasnt been answered in a while, but since ive lowered my focus today, thought i'd just share the pics, only on eibach springs (which i picked up on ebay for 30 quid!) bargin if you ask me, would of been rude not to! haha Before (just put alloys on) After (just springs) i know desperatly needs a clean!! :(
  12. Hey guys, just a quick one, recently upgraded my alloys from 205/55/16 for 225/40/18 and now my next plan is to fit coilovers, however i know the rolling radius is pretty much the same but as the tyres are 20mm wider than the old ones, if i lower it will they catch on the arches? might be a simple dont go too far down however thought i would ask if anyone here has done it and could give me some advice? cheers :)
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