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  1. My 2009 Zetec S makes one strange noise when I shut the engine down. it always has since owning it but recently got me thinking if its a problem I'v been blind to. its hard to describe but sounds like it could be the power steering pump winding down? any other mk2.5 owners have such a noise or is it just mine???
  2. JW Racing sell aftermarket ones - try emailing them and see if they know
  3. It dont feel like that But at higher speeds you dont need steering assist anyway? dont really think any1 knows what it does so thats enough to tell me it dont really do anything - lol
  4. each to their own I say. more stiffer to you = pain in butt to me
  5. iv got it on my Zetec S 1.8. I find its mainly when parking i notice a difference as sport is a pain - iv got mine set on standard but when normally driving there aint a great difference
  6. Hey Leemaxd - still loving the twin exit exhaust, wish that was a standard thing of the Z-S
  7. reading this post again got me out measuring my Zetec S - mines on standard springs and height is 39cm but looking at it i think i need a 50 - 60 cm drop to be fully happy. I thought the eibach pro kit did this and the sportline was 20-30cm but clearly this aint the case, looks like coil overes after all for mine then. move this project into next year as i can add a zero on the end of the cost now :cry:
  8. only if you tell them. I think insurances take the total * * * * on raising insurance with handling mods. if anything it makes the car safer IMO. like they dont take enough out of our pockets as it is.
  9. Dont get me started on that in this post - lol
  10. thats what i was thinking - lol anyway ian aint you got a zetec s - quit complaining and get ya pic up here
  11. did you read the first line of the first post ??
  12. nice one liam - im turning more towards the pro-kit now me thinks as it does look so much better.
  13. I think getting a garage to do it is best bet - im pretty sure the ford upgrade was the sportline not the Pro? have you had any bump issues with the Pro kit?
  14. Liam - you never said if yours where the pro's or sports? strange the box shows both options too. opens you up to all kinds of mix-ups. but car looks sweet dropped. im not into dropping it to the floor but i think mine looks stupid sitting as high as it does on 18's. not sure what ford were thinking. we actually i do, they thinking come and buy our aftermarket eibach lowering kit. think il get mine from Fords - hoping that this protects me a little if the struts go pop
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