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  1. there is standard black inner headlights, i have them on my 2007 zetec estate, heres what they look like
  2. Ah thanks! The egr self clean makes sense
  3. mine is the 1.8 not sure how many horses, just wondering what it was, wasnt going to bother getting it sorted unless it was the sign of something about to go bang. Car works perfectly otherwise apart from the aircon is a bit poor.
  4. it might not be of any help but my old peugeot 307 did exactly the same thing on me, turned out the DPF was blocked and the car had put itself in "safe mode" where it wouldnt rev past 2500. i took it for a forced regen and all was well again. it sounds like your motorway run was enough to get the temperatures high enough to burn the soot out of the DPF.
  5. ive got a 2007 zetec estate and when the engine is turned off about 5 seconds after i hear a clicking noise, its like the last few rotations of a fan or something are catching on something and lasts for about 5 or 6 clicks. does anyone have any idea what it could be and where i should start looking? If i turn the ignition on but not start the engine then take the key out again it still does it. cheers Daz
  6. hi guys, i have aquired a set of rear lamps from a mk2.5 and i plan to swap them for my mk2 rear lamps. i have been told they will fit in terms of shape but that they will need some form of aditional wiring, could anyone expand on this for me and let me know what i need to make them work, cheers daz
  7. yeah i need a chrome strip too for the estate model but cant seem to find one anywhere!
  8. got it on my zetec, make sure your not moving though as the menu for it wont come up unless your at a standstill. its in the set/reset bit.
  9. ah got a while then she is only at 66k, thanks for your help faithless :)
  10. the surrounding facia is 30 quid? ah well thats not too bad then, might take a trip down to the stealers for that then, will it need any aditional bracket or something inside or am i good to go with the curvy facia panel and curvy stereo? cheers
  11. nice one cheers, nother question, at what mileage is cambelt change due on the 1.8tdci?
  12. hi guys, recently i picked up a 2007 focus estate zetec and whilst i am loving it i am getting the itch of updating it slightly with a few subtle mods. first on the list is the mk2.5 sterio and facia, i have the stereo on its way (bargain @ 60 quid) but im going to need the curved facia, anyone know where i can get one without being fleeced? i have scoured ebay with no luck. second is the rear lamps from the mk2.5 estate, will these go straight in without any addditional parts or modifications? its a long shot but does the cmax share the same rear lamps as the focus estate? Finally i wan
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