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  1. Glad to help mate,If i remember rightly i put them on with a reserve of £250 and they fetched £251 :lol:
  2. I got @ £250 for mine on e-bay,and chucked in £60 costs for delivery.
  3. Ive done nearly 1000 miles since purchase on my 1.6 VCT with the clock currently sitting at 16.5k and have averaged only 29.6 mpg (trip comp reading)driving a mix of local and motorway and being fairly carefull most of the time.Cant say im too impressed with that figure right now.
  4. This is what i was quoted mate Supply Eibach pro springs-£121 (including a discount i asked for!!) Fitting by rapid Fit(the cheaper arm of Ford) £300 So your quote was spot on....I bought the springs and had someone local fit mine :wink:
  5. The only thing thats bugged me is the clicking in the glove box when the windscreen wipers are on,and the water dispersment when you lift the boot up. :lol:
  6. The Wolfrace ones can be bought from Foxhunters tyres for @£700 in 18" mate :wink:
  7. Mine doesn't sit in neatly and is slightly pronounced on one side.What is the issue your having then?
  8. So the perimiter alarm isn't CAT 1 then?
  9. I dunno how people can accept colour matching on their cars like that.If id payed £20k like he says id want the kit to be the same colour as a minimum requirement :?
  10. Hmmm thanks for that,ill have to keep them im mind at that price 8)
  11. I got the Eibach 30mm kit from Ford for £121 and it looks great,well chuffed with it. 8)
  12. Cant post a pic mate but if your looking at your footwell you will find either bulb holder close to the central column. EDIT: Seems i can post a pic, :lol:
  13. I had them on the Lexus and they were a god send,although not fool proof....as some f****ng fool still scraped my rear end in a car park :lol:
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