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  1. I will be on the lookout for some new bulbs! Just tried a HID kit with super decoders etc. They work perfect with the engine off but will not work whilst running. ECU apparently limits power to the headlights, so HIDs aren't getting enough power whilst the engine is on >.<
  2. Nothing as of yet, been looking at HID kits. Let us know how you get on with the new bulbs!
  3. Updated the original post. Thought it'd we could use the thread to share other tips and tricks anyone may know of?
  4. We all have a manual but not everybody reads it and not everything is listed, so I thought this would be a good place to share the odd tips and tricks. How to set the car to unlock the drivers door only: Unlock the car, then press and hold the lock and unlock button on the fob together for about 5 seconds, the hazard lights should flash and it should be set up. Follow the same instructions to revert back to normal. Parking Lights: If you have automatic headlights, when you switch off the ignition, flick the indicator stalk left or right and then lights on whichever side you've selected
  5. I have to agree, the Sat Nav can be a bit of a pain. I haven't figured it out yet but mine will not allow me to put a 6 digit postcode in, only a 7. I have to enter the city & street name manually if I do a 6 digit :S. As for the ambient light colour, I would assume you need the headlights on or have you tried browsing the manual? You might need to hold the button for a few seconds for the colour to change, rather than just press it?
  6. Sorry for another post but could someone do me a favour, please? I noticed whilst in the car at night, if you switch off the ignition and lock the doors (from inside, using the button on the headunit) all the window switches stay illuminated for a short period of time, apart from the 4 switches on the drivers door. If I hit the button to lock the rear windows, that lights up (orange) and the rear switches then no longer illuminate, only leaving the passenger one illuminated. Just curious as to whether this is how it should be or if I'm nit picking faults. Cheers
  7. I'm not entirely sure, it very well could do, depending on where the two extra speakers would are placed. I wouldn't swap now, it'd cost far too much.
  8. Minster, that might explain why I don't have it then, as I have the built in Sat Nav. I rather like the Sony HU and would swap it for the sat nav lol. Pug, you could always get the badges from Ford and stick them on? Mine had the Titanium badge but I debadged it.
  9. Anyone got this in their MK3 and what model have you got? I've got a Titanium but I don't have the sony branded HU, yet the booklet say it's standard with that model.. confused :lol:
  10. Alreeeeet mate? :lol:
  11. Yeah, It does effect the headlight output but it is extremely minimal, as Stu said. Does look fairly easy to remove too, if you do end up getting bored of it after a while :lol: yeaaa M17TT, I was on FOC, had the same username on there buddy
  12. I'd be interesting in knowing this! Standard bass is fairly good but I'd still love a sub without swapping the HU.
  13. Cheers buddy! No good interior images atm, will get some over the weekend :). Also, on the fly eye kit, at night if you're on a road with no street lamps, you can see the pattern of the small holes on the side of the road, looks like a honeycomb pattern :L
  14. I've just had mine in at my local TCH for software updates. All done under warranty with no charge.
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