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  1. Hi Russ77, Good idea but the problem is that even when set to 'cool' the ambient air coming through the vents is warm. I went from hampshire to devon and back this weekend and although the outside temp was reading an average of 17 and when you put your hand outside the air actually felt coldish, it was still warm coming through the vents. I had a mondeo before and when set to cool, that's what you got, unless it really was a proper summers day with high ambient temps (almost forgotten what those are like) :)
  2. Hi Minsterman, Thanks for your reply. I've read and re read the manual, the recirculation is definately off. It looks like a poor design when the hot engine air is blown back to the cold air intakes. I know the air con is good but obviously it uses more fuel and seems overkill for most 'summer' days when you just want coolish air from the vents. It's fine when you first start up when the engine is cold, but as the engine warms up so the 'cool' air gets warmer too.
  3. Hi, I've found that when set to cool air (not air con) the cool air doesn't seem particularly cool. I've checked the vents under the bonnet just in front of the windscreen. I'm guessing that hot engine air is being pushed in. Anyone else finding this or do I have a problem?
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