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  1. thanks guys. Put my mind at rest. I still have warranty from ford do you think its worth getting it checked just in case or shall I not bother.
  2. Yeah I do have it, the stream was about 1.5 to 2 meters long. Seems quite a bit for air con? What do you think?
  3. Hey, we parked the car up last night on a hill and we noticed later on that a small stream of liquid (it looked clear, and had no smell, but it was hard to tell) was coming from under the car. It wasn't a lot and when I looked under the car I could see dripping coming from the drivers side, about level with where the dashboard/spedo area is. Anyone got any ideas? We had a quick look under the bonet and there appeared to be enough water in the radiator. Help appreciated.
  4. I'm almost positive I don't have it. Was that meant to say you 'can't' get aftermarket parts for production installed extras? If it is correct, any idea where I can buy an aftermarket loom? I've just noticed that you're the guy I'm after on the parts forum :D Any chance you could get me a quote for the remaining bits I need? I've posted part number in the other thread. ta!
  5. Managed to source myself a bluetooth/usb module and new stereo control stalk for retrofitting into my 58 plate focus. I just need a few bits such as the microphone, screws and harness. I've been onto ford parts UK and the retrofit wiring harness (1667645) now costs £127, basically double what it cost a few years ago. The other bits I can handle paying for, but this seems massively excessive for a few wires. Anyone got any alternatives? Can this be sourced from aftermarket part suppliers? I can't find anywhere else that sells what I need. Any suggestions extremely welcome! :shock:
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