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  1. Hi was wondering if anybody out there could shed some light for me? Ive got a 1.6(100 bhp) zetec climate and was going to put a milltek 4-2-1 manifold and put a new exhaust system on it aswell but i keep getting conflicting reports! Some places are saying that there manifold and exhaust systems will not fit the new focus and some are saying that the engine ive got is the same as the older model and that the manifold and systems they have will fit no problem.Ford dealers are a waste of space as no one there seems to know anything!! If anybody knows the right answer i would be most grateful or i
  2. Hi ive got a 05 zetec climate 1.6(100bhp) and im looking at putting a milltek 4-2-1 manifold on but cant seam to find an exhaust system to go with it!! Ive spoken to pumaspeed who have said they are 99% certain that the milltek manifold will fit but they have no exhaust systems listed for this engine. Had a look on the net and the only one ive found up to now is the bastuk system from european parts. does anybody know if these are any good at all? For a full system its going to be about £450 is this a fair price for a decent system? what type of sound and gains would i expect from this system?
  3. Ive got the 1.6(100 bhp) with 18k on the clock and the best ive had out of it is 40 mpg. That was on a long run and driving steady. On average im getting is 32 mpg. I am going to look into having a k+n panel filter and bluefin put on it to see if this improves preformance and consumption?? However i did have a mk1.5 silver before my new zetec climate and after the alterations i made to that i got more power and better consumption!! so got to be worth a go.
  4. Hi I do understand what warickshire lad was saying but i got the car for such a gud price under £7000 that is was too gud to turn down!!! The cheapest 2.0 i found was £10,500. Im sure it wont cost me £3,500 to try and get a bit more driveability out of this engine surely?? Anyway wheres the fun in a bog standard car!
  5. thnx will def put in a k+n panel filter.does anybody know if theres any exhausts out there for this type of engine?? dont know if it makes that much diffrence but its def not the ti-vct engine that i have.its the older 100 bhp engine.will bluefin hav a chip for this engine?? did read that sumone managed to get 130 bhp after doing these mods but that was to the older mk1.5.does anybody think i cud get the same results from mine???
  6. Hi everyone just seeking sum advice! Ive a 05 1.6 (100 bhp) zetec climate which is fab but want to try and improve the preformance a bit.Was thinking of a bluefin with a k+n panel filter,also want to put on a new exhaust! Any help wud be grateful. many thnx.
  7. Hi cud do with a bit of info as ford dealer doesnt seem to know!!! do the wheels off a 2000+ mondeo fit onto the new shape focus?? also is it true i wil have to get spacers or something from ford if i fit 18" rims?? many thanks guys.
  8. Cheers ulsterfocus.just picked a new one up of e-bay for £250.should have by end of the week hopefully.Just need to try and find some st wheels now! does anybody know of anyone whos got some for sale?
  9. Cheers for that. Just looked on ebay and there is two available at mo.Ulsterfocus do you happen to have the web page for ford parts direct or does anyone have a contact number to see if they have any??
  10. Thnx for that guys. Yes it is the new Mk2 model and cant wait to pick it up next week! Just had ford dealers ring me back and they hav quoted £365 for the mp3 single slot sony stereo!! god knows how much the speakers will cost but was trying to gat the lot done for £500.Got the car for under 8k so got a bit of money to spend on it.
  11. Hi everyone new to this site so be gentle. just bought a 1.6 zetec climate today but have a quiery. does anybody know if you can swap the stereo it has for the sony mp3 headunit? Dealers are not sure if this can be done? does it need different wiring or something? thanx guys!!
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