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  1. Thank you Kelvin and yes I am getting better slowly and yes I decided that I was going to go as we all need a break from being stuck behind the same 4 walls during the lockdowns and I can take it easy when we get there and rest up for while but most of all I'm looking forward to meeting up with you all again .
  2. Well don't come running to me if you break your leg .
  3. You'll need to take vitamins then to keep your immune system healthy then just to be safe .
  4. I am sure you will manage it alright mate as long as you get a good breakfast down you before setting off for Ford Fair as i made that mistake myself last time so I will be at least having a bowl of porridge this time round .
  5. Thanks Mark and fingers crossed you won't be feeling ill this year .
  6. Right guys I am really sorry to say but you'll just have to put up with my ugly mug again this year as I'm going even if it kills me .
  7. Well Kelvin I guess we will just have to wait and see and hopefully yes by June the 21st you will all be able to meet up in Cornwall as tbh the way things are progressing I don't see the restrictions being as tight by then well that's my opinion so just hope I'm right and yes it's going to be a really weird summer how ever it pans out so fingers and toes crossed eh! . I honestly can't see covid being a long term threat tbh as we basically went through a similar scenario when the 1st flu epidemics happened but it wasn't played out by the goverment to be as serious as covid ascthey had a d
  8. I bet it was Kelvin and thank you as I do to . So their starting to lift the restrictions come Saturday that's great news even if you are restricted to no more than 5 miles of travel at least it's a start and yes a quick trip to the coast would make a really nice change for you as I bet you've been feeling rather restricted . That sounds promising then so fingers she will go Ford fair and you to .
  9. @keggy I thought you'd been a bit quiter than normal so now I know why and good to see it's just a technical issue and not health and yes why not get the Mrs to come along too as it will do her the world of good and hopefully we will get to meet her too all hopefully being well by then and if I have transport available but fingers crossed eh! .
  10. Cheers Mark and very true as health always comes 1st otherwise getting the car sorted and not being able to use it is pretty pointless . Thanks Mike and yes I may feel better well I should be ontop of my severely burnt abdomen and throat by then but my hernia has gotten worse so hoping to arrange to see a specialist at some point .
  11. Not upto going this year as car is off the road and I need to save enough to get a mobile mechanic to come fix it plus mot and not sure if I would be able to drive that distance with my health being up and down atm tbh .
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