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  1. Mine is a three door I am picking it up tomorow afternoon can't wait yeah the trip computer would be a nice touch but hopefully there is enough fun to have in this car not to notice it
  2. Thanks for the advise about the filters. With the K&N filter fitted would you notice the difference straight away I have red a few contradicting messages on this site about them have you always used one?
  3. Sounds like your motors looking the dogs Bo***cks! How much did that set you back if you dont mind me asking?
  4. Thanks for the information guys I get my focus on wenesday I got it in panther black so the body colour mirror housing and door handles are not a problem I am a little dissapointed about the seating in the sport thou I also had the heated windscreen option and sony head unit thrown in with mine. Has any one on this site had or seen a car with the ms kit fitted on it was just wondering if it is as impressive in the flesh as it looks on screen
  5. Thanks for the information much appreciated!! :D Im not really up on the working of car engines I know some of the basic's but my knowledge is really limited. :cry: What exactly does the K& N filter do and how does it work? :?: :?:
  6. Was just wondering what the trip computer is and what it does? And apart from this what else does the zetec models have that the sport models don't apart from the grill trimmings and suspension?
  7. Hi guys, :D New to the site have been reading through some of the topics on here and found them very interesting. Have just purchased 06 Fucus Sport 1.6 in panther Black and I should be picking it up on wednesday at last! Just wondering if there are any major or minor flaws I should be aware of in this model and this engine other then the ones already mentioned on here. :?: :?: Cheers Blue
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