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  1. how does the car know i have a passenger in it and they dont have their seat belt on?
  2. Ive got a 1.6 climate and although its 12 months old and done 19k the fuel economy is really really bad! im getting just under 200 miles out of £20, does it improve? i thought it would improve with milage but its not
  3. oh my god! how mint are those Kato Sukumo on the other page?!
  4. ive got my mk2 focus and im wishing i bought a older shape one now, its just mainly because im sick of the lack of styling parts for it, the 5 stud fitment is a right nightmare cos it only shares it with the new mondeo and cmax and both those are not the ideal choice for alloy wheels so there isnt that many out. i have emailed loads of companys for info on what wheels they do for the new focus and out of a full range, there is about 3 or so :cry: there is tons of stuff out for the mk1 focus but i guess thats just cos its been out the longest, how long do you think it will take before they st
  5. noticed that ghia one doesnt have a sony mp3 cd in it? i thought the ghia came with them as standard?
  6. thanks, about the ford springs- is it just a case of walking into my local ford jennings and buy them there and then and do they include fitting? also how much are they? finally- is there a big difference in the look on standard rims?
  7. traded my clio 172 in for a 05 silver 3 door 1.6 zetec climate, the first thing that hit me was the power difference cos its 'only' 115 bhp its not that slow but i just cant get over the size of the thing! its only just fitting in my garage! the clio was like a go cart so i need to get the focus lowered- anyone know where i can some some springs?? and the alloys need to go, i aint into maxpower style bodykits and stuff but im after a set of alloys black in colour with a silver lip- anyone want to do me a cheaky photoshop of what it could look like, or anyone know where i can get some? che
  8. this is perfect! im desperate to see some good alloys for my mk2,does anyone else have any links to other websites that does them?, also i was kinda looking for 17's, but if 18s are just as cheap are they easy to get on?
  9. does the new 2005 focus share the same 5 stuff wheel fitment as the c max and the new mondeo? and is that it?
  10. im getting a silver 1.6 focus climate next friday and ive been seeking good pics of them over all over the net to get some modding inspiration but i cant find a thing! does anyone have any pics of them, they dont have to been modded i just wanna see if there is any around? :?
  11. well chaps i went ahead and ordered my car today, its a 115bhp 3 door 1.6 zetec in silver, i cant wait to get it, its going to be a shame seeing the clio go cos i will miss the power but the extra space and the extra £300 insurance difference will be nice, its standard at the moment but im hoping to change the alloys and lower it, any ideas what wheel will go straight onto it? and is there any suspension kits for it yet?
  12. at the moment ive got a mk2 clio 172, its completely standard and although it goes like a rocket im getting the feeling its just not the car for me, i aint got a feeling for it, and everytime i hear a noise i keep thinking "its french..... oh oh" and cos i aint the first owner it makes you think the car is made to be driven hard so it will of no doubt been tested by the previous owner, so when something will go wrong it will cost a lot cos its a sport? also im a bit of a ***** when it comes to driving i aint into speeding stupidly cos i got a bike for that, but the main things i need a car to
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