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  1. No idea they wouldnt say what happened I think they felt a bit embarassed about it, and have just got back from picking the mrs up and she said she didnt like the mondeo they lent us. When they bring it back I will ask them what they done
  2. As title says my brand spanking new Foci Titanium went in today to have the eibach shocks fitted as part of my deal when i bought my car also mentioned to them about why the underneath of my doors werent painted as somebody else noted on here, which they said will take 3 hours to fit the shocks and would have to book it in again to do the paintwork. So i got myself comfortable in there coffee bar got my laptop and connected it to me moby so i can get on the internet and do some work whilst i waited. After this 3 hours they came up to me and said sorry we cant apologise enough but we have damag
  3. I am having mine done as we speak by fords and am being charged £225.00 supplied and fitted
  4. looks ok except for the really poor colour matching on the bodykit
  5. being that you mentioned it i went and checked on mine also panther black and mine arent painted either (06 2.0 tdci titanium)
  6. not much you can say except ..... * * * *
  7. I know what ya mean but it is our 10th aniversary in 4 weeks and i think if i didnt take her on holiday it would cost me a hell of a lot more than a set of 400 quid alloys. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Mine fits fine, think there not as good quality as the previous focus tho as they seem a bit flimsy in comparison
  9. you right that is cheap just havent got 400 quid at the mo, gotta take the missus on holiday
  10. I Have just bought a Focus Titanium but really wanted the ST and i bough tmine on ford credit as they offered me 3% int rate unfortunately they wouldnt match the int rate on a ST for some reason they doubled it which didn't make it worth while, if they did i would be driving round in a nice orange ST but hey ho maybe next time, but saying that i am very happy with the 2.0 TDCI Titanium i got.
  11. Local guy in Leigh on sea charged me 125 quid and i have his number should you need it apparantly he does all the local car dealers round here
  12. Thaks Parklife these have been ordered and hopefully be winging there way to me hopefully have them by the weekend to fit them
  13. Ok so which ones do i need ? i wouldnt like to get it wrong
  14. Mine is the 2.0 tdci titanium and as far as i know it was standard, and your right about the colour only had mine since saturday and it was sooooo dirty round the rear bumper and some birds had poo'd on it so it had to be cleaned, i think its the best colour when it is clean tho looks awful dirty
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