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  1. The best way is to rip the CD into something like Itunes or Windows media in MP3 format to start, then you simply burn an MP3 disc. The MP3 disc will hold about 10 full albums. If you have already got an extensive library of WMA or non MP3 format tunes then you need to either re-rip them as described above, or convert them using some sort of converstion software. There are free ones available on the internet - one which I like is: Spiderplayer If you do a google search it will come up. This software allows you to select directories on your hard drive and then convert them to various fo
  2. I think it is important to stick with the facts about the vehicle in question. I owned and loved our C-max, but the problems we had sent us away from the brand. We owned an 04 1.6 petrol car and we experienced the problems often listed. ie. fuel light, wiper recall, hesitation, and worst of all aq major paint defect which Ford attempted to fix 4 times. Eventually after 2.5 yrs of ownership the battery packed up. We had done only 9000 miles and Ford said that it wasn't covered by warrenty. When I pointed out that the battery should not be discharging overnight, so there must be a drain, the
  3. I noticed this on our c-max, before we sold it. Specifically when I was fitting the front fog lights to the lx model, it required the front headlights to be removed and the wiring to be removed from the front cross member. At the time I noticed there was surface rust, even though the car was only 14months old. I waxed the cross member to try to offer protection, but did think how poor it was. The corrosion appeared to be surface based only and forming at the welds/seems with other sections. This along with other niggles resulted in us deciding to sell the car as we thought the quality wa
  4. We have now taken delivery of the SEAT and it is absolutely lovely. Although it is early days we are currently very pleased with it. As mentioned by RTV it all really comes down to customer care, and we have found our local dealer, and to be truthful Ford UK, really poor; even to the point where they phoned us when we settled the finance to ask us if we were swapping the car. We said that we were, but that following really poor customer care by the dealer we were changing brands after over 20 years of Ford ownership. The response we got summed it up, as the gentleman from Ford Uk said, "wel
  5. Or worse still does it suggest that the 1st battery is inferior in quality? This along with all the other niggles and issues we have had with the car have led me to swap to another brand. It is a shame really because, I have always liked the c-max - it looks great, drives really well, and is exactly as we specced it, but I don't want my wife to be stranded somewhere with daft problems, like a flat battery or one of the re-curring electrical gremlins, and then have to shell out cash for the dealer to rectify faults that really should not be there on such a new car which has very little use.
  6. Andy, had exactly the same problem. Went to start car, and totally flat bettery. Car is 2 yrs and 11 months old. Spoke to Ford who said battery not covered by warrenty beyond 1 year and when I said that the drain must be too high, they said get the dealer to put it on WDS at cost of £95. In addition it needs a sevice at £225 and MOT. So all in likely to cost about £550. Having had all the usual niggles and some paint issues iwith the car I thought 'sod it' as I don't have a great deal on confidence in it beyond the warrenty. So today I have ordered a new Seat Altea after 20 yrs of Ford ownersh
  7. undo the top torx screw, then each light has a two press down lugs at the back / bottom. Make sure these lugs have been pressed down fully, whilst gently moving the light forward. I find it best to gently move the light forward and upward and they come out pretty easily. Just take your time and don't force them they might need just manouvering a little, but no force is required. Sometimes the lugs can re-engage so make sure these are definitley released. Regards Al
  8. really easy to fit. just pop off the surround - manual describes how, then two screws and you have the light out, simply unplug anf replace with new light. They are always available on e-bay, but make sure you get the correct side, as they look the same, but the screq holes aren't. cheers Al
  9. Is there an autochanger that can be fitted to the factory fitted RDS6000? I keep looking on E-bay at 6 disc units, but to be honest I take the view that I have a HU with the CDDJ button, so theoretically it can have an autochanger plugged straight in. I know Ford will have fitted a daft plug socket, but is there a lead available to allow any unit to be fited, or do Ford do a changer themselves? I know when I first got the MAX there was lots of debate surrounding the fact that no autochanger was available, but have things changed? Any help much appreciated. Al
  10. Things I don't like about the max: 1. Poor quality steel - having had the car up recently there is loads of surface rust on bolts and metal components. Nothing structural, it is just superficial, but for a 1 yr old 9k mile car that hasn't had a winter on the road yet, it shouldn't be there. 2. The metal body parts are relatively thin. Collegue is a metallurgist and has measured the relative thickness of the panels and they are thin and prone to denting easilly. It is all relative and the thiness of the metal makes for a lighter car - so better fuel economy etc, but Ford have fudged it a b
  11. I would be interested in the headlight switch and the wing mirror colour coded covers. What price would you want? Regards Al
  12. pollen filter. I suspect that the scuttle panel has not had the butyl strip fitted properley. This is the plastic trim that seals against the windscreen beneath which the pollen filter sits. Replacement of the pollen filter often leads to this problems as the trim can become distorted or the technician simply forgets to fit the butyl strip. It is this strip which stops the water ingress, and if not fitted it always shows as a wet passenger footwell. Common and known problem. Best to move this post to the correct section. Al
  13. Nick, does the dealership not get paid for the work from Ford if the vehicle is under warranty? The reason for asking this is that in the past I have gone back to my dealer with what appears to have been a minor problem, ie, a slight noise and they have replaced both wheel bearings and stated,"we may as well do both, you're not having to pay and Ford will pick up the bill, and it's more than lickly going to be one of them :shock: " Perhaps I am cynical, but in todays society there always seems to be another motive. :( I appreciate where you are coming from, but if it was me I would ask
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