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  1. Excellent News Ceri, bet you're well chuffed now :D Looking forward to seeing the piccys :wink: Peter. 8)
  2. Tell me about it!! we're putting the 'flip' Focus up for sale this week just to cover membership fees :shock: Peter. :wink:
  3. You're right, just noticed that on a pic (can't afford the real thing :wink: ) Peter. 8)
  4. Open the boot with the key and crawl thru :wink: Peter. 8)
  5. Haynes are regarded as home 'Workshop' manuals, and as Tony says, they don't expect peeps to be poking about with the Mk2 themselves just yet :wink: They'll probably bring out the 'Max Power' version before the 'Workshop' :lol: Peter. 8)
  6. Sounds like Rich is comparing TDDi with TDCi rather than bhp variants of same engine :wink: Most TDCi's I've seen have the bhp on the big plastic engine cover, well the Focus 115's anyway :wink: Peter. 8)
  7. 'Ford' Finally acknowledge the 'FFOC' Tried & Trusted method then :D Peter. 8)
  8. Great thanks Ken, looking forward to seeing what you do with the new motor :D All the best for 2006 :wink: Peter. 8)
  9. Twas only a jest Ken, who knows, Loder may have been using someone elses wheels on that one :D Peter. 8)
  10. Think Loder1899 on the number plate kinda gave it away :lol: Peter. 8)
  11. Once you've disabled the auto-on, don't forget to use the aircon periodically, to keep the system maintained (approx 30 mins per month should do :wink: ) Peter. 8)
  12. Two different things matey, egr is exhaust gas recirculation valve, meant to help with emissions :wink: Peter. 8)
  13. I know what you're saying, and obviously I know they're on, but I still notice a sheepish look on some passengers faces, cos they don't know :lol: Peter. 8)
  14. Had a heated screen in my Focus, which was great, but add to that the heated seats in the Mondy as well as the screen and my mornings don't seem half as bad :D Peter. 8)
  15. Ahh these newer cars eh? maybe they nicked my idea, should've had it copyrighted :wink: Peter. 8)
  16. Had some squeaks & creaks on the leather seats in my Mondy, turned out to be the seat belt buckles rubbing on the side of the seat, I put some velvet fabric round them and it stopped :wink: Just a thought, and maybe a million miles out, but worth a look I'm sure :D Peter. 8)
  17. Are there more than one type of computer for the 2005 Focus? Some Mondys have a limited version, my Ghia X has an 'all in one' type thingy with; Odometer Average Speed Instantaneous Fuel Economy Average Fuel Economy Range Clock 12/24 Date Stop Watch External Temp Just wondered if the Focus has different versions too :wink: Peter. 8)
  18. Turbodiesel Common Rail Injection - TDCi for short :wink: Peter. 8)
  19. I seem to remember one of the guys having this very same problem on here in the early C-Max days, and posting pics of the gaps round the seals. I'm pretty sure he got Ford to sort something out under warranty. Try doing a search, or failing that I'm sure he'll pick up on this at some point :wink: Peter. 8)
  20. I don't think they're actually saying anything, just trying to find a way of switching the feature on :wink: Never noticed on the 1.5 but only time and trials will confirm if this is the case on the MkII :D Peter. 8)
  21. Sequence for the 1.5 Focus guys, try it and see :wink: 1. Turn on the ignition so all the dash lights come on but don't start the engine. 2. Lock the door using the button on the door handle and then unlock the door (but don't open it) 3 times. Then turn off the ignition. 3. Lock the door using the button on the door handle and then unlock the door (but don't open it) 3 times. 4. Turn on the ignition but don’t start the engine A beep should be heard 5. Lock the door again as before then unlock it (only once this time) A beep should be heard. 6. Turn off ignition and a final
  22. Nice one Tony, I do like the look of that motor and I'm sure you're going to have lots of fun with it :D Please keep us updated on your thoughts/opinions mate :wink: Peter. 8)
  23. I wonder then if the same modification to the aircon system on earlier Foci, would work on the Mk2? I've done this on my Mk1.5 and it's so much better being able to decide for yourself when to have the aircon on :D Although it is worth noting you should remember to use it every so often to keep the system working properly :wink: My thanks to Gandalf for the 'How To', The Centre Distribution Panel If you slide out the radio then you can see a connector in the middle just below the bracket for the radio. With a thin bladed driver you can just get in to lift the clip up and slide it b
  24. or nicked if the nice ones were used in cars round here :wink: Just out interest, when I bought my 2.0 Mk1.5 I got a CD case for about 12 CD's in the same nice material as the manual cover with the woven Ford badge. Is the same case still provided with the Mk2? Not the biggest concern when buying a new Focus I suspect, but I'd just like to know if all the nice little touches are still included :wink: Peter. 8)
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