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  1. Is it possible the dealers/sales people have a supply of plastic covers for cars going to rental companies? We have a large private rental firm here that use a lot of Foci, and I've seen plastic covered manuals in them :wink: Peter. 8)
  2. Good review matey, thanks for taking the time :wink: I too found the handbrake position a liitle awkward, but I guess you'd get used to it in time. I didn't have much time to adjust the seats when I took the 1.6 TDCi Titanium out, and I have to admit the general driving position seemed rather low to me, I prefer the higher, MK1, position. I was however quite impressed with the 1.6 and like you I wondered what the 2.0 would be capable of :wink: I followed a Mk2 hatch myself yesterday and I'm definitely getting more used to them now :D Peter. 8)
  3. Looking good matey, I tried a Titanium TDCi a few weeks back, there's loads of room in them :wink: Oh....and I actually like the colour.....IMO it's very stylish and not overstated :D I think it will just take time before some die hard Mk1 owners will finally admit it's a good car........we know Ford are onto another winner...don't we? :wink: Peter. 8)
  4. to FFOC, great to have you with us :D . Sorry I can't help with the C-MAX probs, someone will no doubt be along soon tho to help out :P I did manage to underline 'before' for ya tho :wink: Peter. 8)
  5. I had mine added almost immediately after taking the test drive, judging by the receipt they gave me, it's very much like a debit card in reverse. Between the drive and signing in to my account, they'd got there :D Peter. 8)
  6. Nice choice of motor Russell, re badges, the Titanium I test drove had 'Ghia' badges fitted :? As for the kit, wrong colour I know but, it gives peeps an idea :wink: Peter. 8)
  7. to FFOC mate, take it from me, age ain't a problem :wink: Someone has to keep these young scamps in check :D The 2.0TDCi is an excellent motor and the Titanium finish is really good :P Most of us are aware of just how good the Skoda's are, you may be surprised to hear one of our guys turns up to meets in one; Peter. 8)
  8. If you get the option, go for the 2.0TDCi, that's one stormin' motor :wink: I own a facelift 2.0 petrol but have driven the new 1.6TDCi and I wasn't disappointed :D I guess what I'm saying is go for the TDCi whichever engine size they offer :wink: Peter. 8)
  9. Admittedly he had me a bit confuddled there as well, as you say, you just pull the handle :wink: The only thing that bugged me was if I was picking someone up, I'd forget to pull the handle and sit there like a right numpty while they tried to get in the passenger door :oops: Peter. 8)
  10. I haven't been told of whole countries as such, however, some of our friends on focusworld and other US sites have mentioned states where this is required :wink: Peter. 8)
  11. Ahh...I see, but I wonder...is the same model C-MAX available in countries where autolocking is required, and if so, are they not covered by warranty? All seems a bit strange to me, my local dealer didn't expect the procedure to be covered in my user manual but was actually surprised it wasn't included with the C-MAX :roll: As you say, a typical 'more haste, less speed' approach in an effort to get money out of us quicker :wink: Peter. 8)
  12. If the setup is the same as standard Foci, de-activating is simply a reverse of the procedure :wink: Baffles me how they can say it affects your warranty if, like on mine, the feature is available to use straight from the factory with no need to visit a dealer :? Peter. 8)
  13. I wouldn't worry about that too much, there have been a few bits of trim in the wrong models at this early stage, a Ghia I tried had no Ghia badging and Titanium facias. They'll get them right........eventually :wink: Peter. 8)
  14. :P I was pleasantly surprised when driving the new TDCi, but you don't need to look at the outside then :wink: Peter. 8) Moved here by me :wink:
  15. Ditto! :wink: I've had a test drive and got a quote, very reasonable I thought, £14900 for 2.0 TDCi Zetec Climate, 17" Alloys & Metallic. However, I got back into my trusty 2.0 Zetec and it felt so right, I've decided to wait :wink: Peter. 8)
  16. :D I'll second that, Merry Christmas to all C-MAX owners :P Peter. :wink:
  17. Depending on the size of the chip, it shouldn't be a problem. My insurance company sent the RAC out to my 2.0 Focus Zetec after a stone chip and the guy repaired it no problem. I was worried about the fragile looking heated screen elements on the front but all was fine and everything still worked. I think you'll be OK :wink: Peter. 8)
  18. OMG This can't be right, can it guys? What is Ford's or the dealer's explanation of this? "Standard fitting for gardeners - you're very own Window Box :? Peter. 8)
  19. :P Hiya Marko, you may be able to work it all out from this chart :wink: Peter. 8)
  20. :P After having mine activated for a while, it still locks as quick on setting off, but where a quick tug on the handle used to unlock them very quickly it seems to have slowed down now, i.e. pull handle wait couple of seconds, doors unlock. Anybody else had this, or has something gone wonky? :P Peter. 8)
  21. I have a really simple one I use in Excel, with the columns filled down so you can keep a record. I do put a date column in but basically it works like this (obviously you wouldn't see the formula), would your's be along the same lines Mark or should I get your version? :P Peter. 8)
  22. :P I always liked the deep blue colours, I had Imperial on my last Fiesta Zetec-S, but as others have pointed out, they only need to look at a dirty road and they look filthy :? It's a well accepted opinion tho that metallic silver colours are the least likely to show the dirt. If I was changing my Metropolis Blue for another Focus or C-MAX I think my choice would be Tonic :wink: Although you can't always tell from brochures and stuff, IMO it has a really nice tinge of blue in it :P Peter. 8)
  23. Nope! Just a V5, it's either that Chris or take on the dreaded dealer again!! Peter. :D
  24. I'm no expert when it comes to pre-registering, but logic suggests that Ford or the DVLA on their behalf would then hold the original V5 and it would be up to Ford to have it transferred into your name :? Maybe a call to Ford Customer Relations asking the position for pre-registered vehicles may help: 08458 411111 Peter. 8)
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