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  1. :P I've just checked the date on my V5, it's six weeks after the date of first registration, so allowing another week for it to get to me is seven weeks in all. The responsibility lies mainly with the DVLA, when the dealer first taxes the car in your name they are effectively applying for it's V5. The only problems I could forsee, is if the dealer made an error on the forms, so it may be worth checking if they used the correct address etc. or your V5 could have been sent out by the DVLA to the wrong one :? Peter. 8)
  2. :P Yes Chris, I'm afraid it is :? especially with Ford Online. I spoke to them about mine having my earlier private reg and once they had all my info said it would take five days to change it, a bit longer for it to get to Microcat. Some people with standard reg No.s have managed to get a result from Ford Online albeit the results didn't exactly match their car, wrong colour, number of doors etc. :wink: You could try the RAC, you may have to register first, but it only takes a minute and it's Free! :P http://www.rac.co.uk/myrac/vehicle_data_check/ Peter. 8)
  3. So they've done them the same as the standard Focus then? Maybe they haven't caught up with the spec for the C-MAX yet :? They are a bit on the slow side y'no :wink: Your Topic Chris.....please y'self mate :P Peter. 8)
  4. Maybe not Chris, a lot depends on the dealer staff. One guy 'Steve' at my local Ford is really keen on all this sort of stuff, which is great cos it all goes way over my head but if I tell him I've seen something on here or heard something from mates, he can't wait to get his hands on my car with the reaction 'right then..let's get in in the shop and see whats what' The great thing is, if it's available...he'll find it :D and I don't even get charged :wink: So don't lose hope yet matey, you may be lucky. Keep us posted as usual :P Peter. 8)
  5. :P I've seen 2 Mondeos recently with each of the 5 spoke rims above, I have to say I didn't like either of them, they're similar to some previous standard Foci ones and look almost like wheel trims :? Peter. 8)
  6. It doesn't on the standard Focus with no alarm fitted either, but that is correct for that system. It only operates again after the ignition has been switched off and on again. So you're just the same as the rest of us :wink: Peter. 8)
  7. :P Have you tried using the system setup for standard Foci? if not ere it is again: 1. Turn on the ignition so all the dash lights come on but don't start the engine. 2. Lock the door using the button on the door handle and then unlock the door (but don't open it) 3 times. Then turn off the ignition. 3. Lock the door using the button on the door handle and then unlock the door (but don't open it) 3 times. 4. Turn on the ignition but dont start the engine A beep should be heard 5. Lock the door again as before then unlock it (only once this time) A final beep should be heard. If all goes according to plan your doors should now autolock when you go over a certain speed (about 5-10MPH) (Will also autolock the doors if you reverse away ) Peter. 8)
  8. :P AHhem!! :offtopic (Just another sad soul who's been waiting for ages to use that emoticon :wink: ) Peter. :P
  9. Don't ya just love them little french laughing smilies on that site? Colour chart in case you need comparisons (not that these charts are ever right of course :wink: ) Peter. :D
  10. Hmmm..I see, just checked my 2 year old Focus Zetec, it too has rust in the place you mentioned, although not to the extent it's flaking off or anything, and it seems worse on the rear discs. The front ones still have some grey showing. So I guess you are right to question them. I look forward to hearing their response :wink: Peter. 8)
  11. to FFOC matey, from one of those ordinary fOCUS owning peeps, it's great to have you with us :D . With regard to the 'rusty discs' are you saying they are like that permanently? as nearly all discs will be like that after standing, but soon start to shine after the brakes have been applied a few times :wink: Peter. 8)
  12. :P I may be right in thinking the C-MAX also has a 'Pollen Filter' the source of many headaches on the Focus! This is usually the cause of water in the footwell as the seal is right at the bottom of the windscreen and isn't always secure :wink: Peter. 8)
  13. :P Err...Hello! Surely we all know, you don't have to own a Focus to be registered with FFOC! :wink: so no need to depart at all really Chris :P And any Ford you do end up with will make you completely eligible to join us at http://forum.ultimateford.co.uk/ :D Look forward to welcoming you over there as well :wink: Peter. 8)
  14. Fair point, but I don't see a problem if they're acting on behalf of Ford, you'd still have Customer Services in your corner :wink: Peter. :P
  15. It does seem odd Chris that you didn't get an invoice or at least a receipt when you paid. :? Maybe a call to DVLA Vehicle Enquiries (0870 240 0010) to confirm they have been notified might help :roll: or email them vehicles.dvla@gtnet.gov.uk Peter. :wink:
  16. :P It's just possible they are in the same location in the C-Max, you'd need to go look. Below is the basic 'How To' for the standard Focus, which may help, only the passenger side actually has a lens/cover (which, incidentally, is the same as the boot light one) The drivers side just has a bracket to hold the bulb :wink: If you have all the wiring there (most above base model do) it takes about 10mins max. Almost everything you need is there in the car all you need is a bulb holder/lens (exactly the same as the one in the boot) finis no. 6136623 cost about £1.80 and two 5w bulbs exactly the same as the clear ones that come out of your side repeaters. Cos i moded the side repeaters to the clear ones i just used the clear bulbs. Remove the tray under the steering wheel i think there are 6 torq headed screws holding it on, be careful because the diagnostics port is still connected. When you have removed the shelf you can see the little bracket where one of the lamp holders is attached. The bulb holder should be taped to the wiring loom just under the steering wheel or possibly the diagnostics loom. Its easly identified cos it has a little grey bulb holder. Simply remove the tape, insert the bulb, twist into the bracket in the shelf and refit the shelf. On the passengers side remove the fibre board beneath the glove box(3 screws). You should be able to see a rectangle cut out of this cover. This is where the bulb holder/lens fits into to secure the bulb. Find the lamp holder, once again its taped to the wiring loom shouldnt be too difficult to locate as you know what your looking for. Insert the bulb into the holder. Fit the cover back underneath the glove box, and pull the bulb and wire through the rectangular hole. Put the bulb to the lens and push the lens into the hole. Peter. 8)
  17. You forgot to get the 'Hot Shine Tire Spray' & the 'Gold Class Tar And Bug Remover' Chris :wink: I can personally vouch for both :D Craig, if for some strange reason you need to look for an alternative to "Meguiar's" you could try 'Turtle Wax Foaming Wheel Clean' (you even get a dinky free brush! :lol: ) Peter.
  18. :P Thanks Chris, I suppose it could be done, but as I spent a long time on the ford site, using build your own, changing the colour of the C-Max and capturing the shot after each change, then positioning 12 different layers onto a canvas and adding the text for the colours just to turn this one out, I think I'll let someone else play with the interiors :wink: Peter.
  19. Then get it straight back to the dealer and point this out! Best case scenario: the door hinges/strike plate need adjusting Worst case scenario: car got whacked somewhere between manufacture and delivery (it wouldn't be the first time) Either way it's down to them, and you should think about mentioning Consumer protection or shouting 'Watchdog' very loudly :wink: but in any case make sure they know how unhappy you are. I really hope you get this sorted Chris, I feel for you, and as I know from experience it's not how you imagined owning a brand new car would start :shock: Peter.
  20. Hi Chris, see your point about the seals, you'd expect them to be the same all the way down. Please tell me if the difference in the gap on pics 5 & 6 is only due to the distance from which you took the pics!! It's hard to tell on screen :roll: Peter.
  21. IMO the explanations (for explanations read 'excuses') you've had from the dealer are a load of rubbish. I've ridden in artics with no wind noise and they don't come much bulkier than that!! Ask them 'in Fords 100 years have they not managed to stop wind noise when every other manufacturer seems to have made a pretty good job of it?' or 'Are you telling me Ford build these sort of features into their cars?' They tried it with me on my Fiesta and after doing exactly what Obasa suggested (talked to the MD) they finally admitted there was a fault with the drivers door and Ford sanctioned a complete new one. To sum up, Keep at them, and bring Customer Services and Ford technical into the equation, Peter.
  22. :P Hi Guys, as this is a fairly new area I thought you might appreciate a current (13/03/04) C-MAX colour chart. A daft idea maybe but I enjoyed putting it together! :wink: A simple gesture from a fellow Focus Lover :D Peter.
  23. :P Good to see pics of the C-MAX in here guy's, they both look tremendous. Great choice of colour and model on both :D Peter.
  24. The dashboard 'squeak' isn't exclusive to the C-Max, I'm forever pulling and pushing mine enroute to get it to shut up :? ChrisTDCICMAX - Regarding distance I'm sure you are within your rights to take it to any Ford dealer :P Peter.
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