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  1. Hello, I bought these tools so that I could remove the Sony Radio: I wanted to test the keys so I inserted 2 of them almost completely into the slots and then I could push and the radio was coming off so i stopped. The problem is that for the life of me I cannot get the keys out! I tried shaking them and pushing and pulling but they are always attached to the radio, I cannot get them out! Can anyone help me? I have those two keys inserted in the radio and they don't look very nice there!
  2. Yes, they did that too, because my door was hitting the bodywork when I passed over bumps or when I brake hard. So, maybe a combination of both factors solved the creaking problem.
  3. Well, looking at it I cannot tell the diference between the before and the actual position but I can tell they took it out and placed it back again in a way that now I can press the seal from the outside and it doesn't move, it's perfectly placed against the bodywork as it should be. I always noticed that the seal wasn't rightly aligned comparing to the others but I had to persuade my dealer to try to align it! In my point of view, new seals won't fix it as the problem is the alignment between the seals and the bodywork. I'm glad I pushed my dealer agaisnt the wall, I hope you guys are abl
  4. After a big discussion with my Ford dealer I was able to convince them to look into this problem. They took my seal out and put it back again in a slightly different position. Before I could push the seal and it was not firm, it made the creaking noise. Now, I can push it and it doesn't move, it's as good as the other doors and the creaking is 98% over (only in some situations I hear a faint creaking). So, I'm pretty happy with it now. Remember, I had no new seals installed, only the current one was mounted in a way it fits perfecly against the bodywork!
  5. This auto-locking is really fishy. I had a new Opel Astra before, bought on the day of the launch, and my car had auto-locking but the ones built just a month after didn't bring it. For some reason never quite explained Opel removed that feature, at the time the safety reason was brought up. In my Focus I don't see this as a safety problem. I have enabled the feature that only opens driver door and boot trunk, so 95% of the times all other doors are locked. If I had an accident all other doors would still be locked. And to add to this, first thing I do when I enter the car is to lock my
  6. Can you please take some pics of your installation because I'm also currently working on installing a Parrot 3100 car kit? I would be very interested in knowing how your installation goes. Thanks, Ricardo
  7. Yes, we do need precise instructions. Is there a way our Taiwan friends can ask for this in a dealer?
  8. I was looking around the gear knob and decided to take the leather surround off. Well, to my unluck the bloody plastic thing that holds the leather (I think it's called the gaitor?) broke on one side when I was trying to get it out. My question is, if I buy a new knob will it bring also that gaitor? Thanks.
  9. Does this mean that is possible to enable the auto-locking feature in a mk2 Focus??
  10. Mine is fine, sorry about that.
  11. Well, these are good news, we now know what causes it. I was pretty much convinced it was the rubber part but your experience tells us otherwise. I've noticed that my drivers door seals are set in a different position than the other doors. On my door the felt strip is placed "higher" relative to the bodywork. On the other doors that strip gets in contact with the bodywork in a more vertical way... in my door is almost horizontal. Can you confirm this? Maybe the way to do it is, as you said, cover the felt with something, but which material would be the best for it?
  12. Hello all, Since day one I have a problem with my passenger's windshield wiper. From 120km/h there's an aerodynamic noise that is caused by the wiper, but only sometimes. Sometimes I see that the wiper is way up, not in it's normal rest position which causes air turbulence and noise. At times, at 150km/h I can see the wiper shaking like hell! My dealer didn't touch it the first time I mentioned it but I will go back again and want this solved. Do you notice that your wiper is loose and shakes due to the air turbulence? Thanks for the help, Ricardo
  13. Yes, it's the rubber part of the seal, not the felt strips. Perhaps the ones that don't complain have less pressure on the door, maybe it's tuned differently. If you lower the window there's no problem, only when you have the glass pushing against the rubber the noise begins.
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