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  1. I can see a gap one side and not much of a gap the other side. Its for these little petty reasons that I'm contemplating something German next. I love my focus, don't get me wrong but for an £18k +extras, its poorly built compared to some of the popular German choices!
  2. Hi p5byn, mud flaps look good! I have the 18" wheel option, would you reckon the mud flaps are suitable for the bigger, wider wheels? Cheers, Jon
  3. foxy, yours came on your car because its a titanium isn't it?
  4. Tezza, Very interested, any recommendations of somewhere that could fit it, don’t fancy doing it myself :P
  5. Oooh Tezza, would you mind taking a pic of it?
  6. I think it looks pretty cool. Not sure I would be brave enough to own a car in such a colour though, I think it would kill the re-sell value :D
  7. Spoke to my dealer about this yesterday and they confirmed the issue but said that its not a 'known fault' and thus ford won't carry out any work to fix it under warranty. In short, the dealer told me there is an outlet to stop air building up, this outlet is simply a bit of pipe going into the win with no cover on it allowing both liquids and air to escape. When going round the corner, both happens :P
  8. Mikewhi, my titanium is a 3dr and has global closing...
  9. I'd also like to know what happens on the ghia / titanium where when you press and hold the lock button once it closes all the windows, locks the car but doesn’t flash?
  10. Just got a very interesting PM from smjohns, a big thanks for his help:
  11. The crazy thing is, I think its like a 3l tank (I've measured how much fluid I've put in it before). I guess a fair amount is going to be the in tubing though so although the car says there isn’t much left, maybe there is still a fair bit but its just letting you know early on a bit like it does with fuel? Glad I'm not the only one whose thought they had a leak lol!
  12. I'm not sure, it cant be leaked from the container tho as it only starts to run out when I use them and is fine if I dont use them (if that makes sense?)
  13. Has anyone else noticed how quickly their washer fluid seems to disappear? I've been making a point of using it as sparingly as possible but I still seem to need to re-fill it every week. I'm pretty sure its the bloody headlight jets that are making me go through so much, is there anyway to turn them off? :O
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