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  1. CJSnet - I think the older foci have a mechanical/electric solution. On the CMax and new Foci it would appear so. The older Foci I believe are a more mechanical solution hence your dealers struggle. Does your car have a "Fly by wire" throttle? If its a normal cable then i'm guessing its going to be a lot harder than the new Foci's :( The dealer that did mine probably would be of little help as I had to give them the instructions gleened off here and the TIS CD to persuade them to get serious about it. SOrry I can't be of more help. Craig - Hello m8 :) Glad you approve of the new avatar :l
  2. Hehe, you got me worried now. I've just done one light coat with an acrylic touch up spray. Colour looks good and very close to the bumper material. One thing i'm wondering is how durable a coat of this Acrylic paint will be? Is there any chance that in a years time half of it will have flaked off? If this is the case can you recommend anything to help protect it like a lacquer perhaps?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys :) I had a look at the fitting instructions and it says I can pop a couple of thin coats on the sensors no problem. Do you reckon it would be beneficial to pop a coat of lacquer on them to save the paint from coming off over time? I'm just wondering if you can get a satin finish lacquer that would help them blend in better with the bumper? Piccy of disney_cjd's bumber:- I noticed that the Ghia variant of the CMax has colour coded lower bumper. On the Zetec the lower half of the bumper as seen on the photo above is not the same colour as the car but is made
  4. I've been ripping out the interior of my maxi's back end today and its all going swimingly installing my aftermarket parking sensors but there's one thing that i'm struggling to get sorted satisfactorily - making the sensors look the same colour as the grey bumper material :( I noticed on disney_cjd's piccy he posted a while back the factory fitted ones blend in real nice. Mine are jet black and stand out like a saw thumb - not good. Does anyone know what I will need to get the match? I had a looksee today in my local auto shop and they only had spray on primer but it looked too light a shade
  5. Took some doing, I know. But I can be lazy sometimes :lol: Do you know if there are any other goodies on the CD for us Maxi owners? PCM updates to make our Maxi's more perky and less thirsty? Hehe, I know the Maxi's pretty good already but you can never have too much of a good thing :lol:
  6. How do we go about getting hold of one of these?
  7. Hi Steve, Thanks for the info on the WDS CD. Next time I go by i'll pass this info on to the dealer. Thanks also for all the info you passed on earlier in my quest :) Certainly helped persuade my dealer to try and do the job for me rather than fob me off. I can see quite a few Maxi owners badgering their dealers for this now :lol: Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi Guys, Been doing some motoring over the past few weeks to Scotland and have noticed some weird behaviour with my Maxi. Its not bad news before you guys take note of my past record ;) :lol: I've been filling up at this little BP service station in Aviemore (First Derv Pump on left hand side front when entered from village). Every time I fill up here from this pump my car behaves like its on steroids. The performance is fenominal compared to my local derv which is very laclustre in comparison :( Do any of you guys know what may be causing this? I was wondering if it may be a small amount of
  9. Hi tommytruck, The work entailed 1 hours investigative work prior to work being done. 1x Steering Wheel. 1x Switch. 2 Hours to fit and test and mess about with software. All together came to £350. The only problem that could occur is whether your motor has the higher spec "Primary Junction Box". If the dealer finds yours has not then I reckon you will be looking at silly money. Fingers crossed :) Hope this helps. I only went for it as i've started doing a lot of motorway driving and got fed up of clock watching all the time. Now I can just sit back and steer :lol: If your not going to
  10. Hi Guys, Just to update on my quest for Cruise Control to be retrofitted to my Zetec Maxi. I took it in this morning and after a couple of hours got the car back with Cruise Control fitted and working. The work entailed fitting a new Steering Wheel with the CC buttions and they also had to fit a switch somewhere and fiddle with the software on one of the modules. The only problem they had was that the CC light on the instrument cluster currently does not illuminate. They tried cloning over the software from a ghia model but it would not work as it thought there was a load of stuff that shoul
  11. Thanks TDCICHIA for the info. Sounds like i'll be looking at just short of £1200 for the wheels and tyres. The bodykit probably going to be nigh on £1000 sprayed and fitted. £2200. Will have to visit a few dealerships and see if any bite on doing a deal :) Those photies of that maroon maxi above were a bad idea for my viewing :shock: :lol:
  12. Last week I drove a new shape Fiesta with very low miles on the clock. Alas it also had creaky dash like my CMax has occasionally when it feels like it. Would appear that with interior design they have not learnt how to remedy this till after the event :roll: Nice little motor though 8) Steve - you have to take it all with a light hearted attitude or you would end up getting psychiatric about your motor and appear as a hypochondriac ;) :lol:
  13. Thanks for the info on the prices Ron :) Will have to give my piggy bank a shake before getting too excited :lol: Do let us all know which model you end up getting and how you like it compared to the "development model" ;) Be interesting to see if Ford have learnt any lessons from the earlier models.
  14. Hehe, cheers Steve. Thats a bit of a mouthfull to bring me down to earth :lol:
  15. Thanks Moondust for taking the trouble to offer a helping hand :) Screwdriver at the ready :lol: FrenchCmax - May be worth you having a read of the Filters/Induction forum as there's quite a bit of info in there that may well carry across from the smaller foci to the cmax.
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