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  1. Looks good. I also have a zetec but I have drums at the back. Did you specify discs at the back or is it standard with more powerful engines (mines the 1.6 tdci)?
  2. Thanks mate. I'm sure that the dent on both panels are too sharp to be rolled out - it looks to me like a new door skin, and more than likely a new front wing. The dent isn't hushe but it's too sharp. The thing I'm worried about is making sure that it's repaired by a ford approved repairer so that the warranty isn't affected, and that the paint matches perfectly.
  3. Picked the car up wednesday, and it's damaged within 2 days. Mrs Frazzle waiting to turn at a busy junction and a parked delivery van smashes his door against the car. We've got a 6" square, sharp dent running between the passenger wing and the passenger front door - he managed to get both panels i the same incident!!! :evil: I know accidents happen but we've never had a prang before, and two days after picking up the most expensive car we've ever bought is a bit of a sore one! Over and out.
  4. Reading this has made me realise that I never even checked under the bonnet of the tdci I just bought - I'll have to wait til tomorrow night I guess!
  5. Thanks - might get the oil and filter changed just to be on the safe side. Any idea how much that might cost?
  6. Never had a car with a warranty so here's my question. Just bought my zetec tdci from arnold clark with 11600 miles and they have just serviced it as part of the sale (and they have stamped the service book!). How can I be happy that the Arnold clark service is using ford parts and so within warranty? Can anyone advise? Thanks
  7. My debut post. Just agreed a deal on a 55 Focus zetec climate with the 1.6 TDCI. We traded our Polo Gti for the focus which gives us more room now that we are soon to add to the family :D . I was quite impressed with the car, and the tdci was very quiet compared to the 1.7 diesel astra that i currently have on loan from work. So a few questions if you don't mind: - what kind of mpg should i expect from the 1.6 TDCI? - how much is a full set of ford mats - the stereo seemed ok - is it? - I'm used to the VW and saab climate control so just want to ask if the AC works well - does the he
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