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  1. Job done - Maxi Cosi Priory XP on offer from Halfords. Thanks anyway Nickwells
  2. Hello All, Baby seat time again. 20lb / 9kg + forward facing type. What's everyone using in their C-Max's? Thanks very much in advance
  3. Jeans blue Ghia 2.0TDCi with privacy glass and cream leather
  4. Having read the manual I found it was the immobiliser LED. I have not managed to replicate it. I insert the key then gave it a second and turned it and it doesn't happen. Reckon you could be right if you wang it in and turn it maybe it takes a while for the lamp status to kick in. The car always starts so the key must be sending the signal and the car receiving it OK. Thanks anyway
  5. Baby daughter is asleep so can't get manual... There is a red light between the fuel and temp gauges. This flashes whenever I stop the car and carries on when I lock it. Presume this is a burglar alarm warning? Today the wife reported that it carried on flashing when she started driving and then went off?? Is this possible?? What does it signify if flashing when driving along? Thanks all.
  6. I had something like this in mine (2005 2.0 TDCi). Turned out to be a leak in a fuel pipe or something leading to the common rail, or the common rail itself. Apologies if that is all wrong but that's what it was. Replaced under warranty. So much for the RAC check! Take it to the dealer and they'll find the prob if its the same
  7. sorry I am a fool. I meant the Ghia all along as I've just bought one but I didn't mention it in either the subject or the body! :roll:
  8. cat 1 seems to be combined electronic immobilser and alarm system according to Thatcham. Think I can now be confident that I can select Cat 1 immobiliser on the insurance quote though. Thanks
  9. It appears it is according to Thatchams website! The Ghia at least.. http://www.thatcham.org/security/index. ... =75&c=cat1 Page 3 of 14.. Ford ST 200 Security System TC2 – 1088/0799 Mondeo ST 200 Focus ST 170 Focus C-Max Ghia (All other models optional) Cougar ST 220 Fiesta ST 150
  10. Can anyone tell me whether the immobiliser is Thatcham approved please? Might make a few quid difference on insurance! Thanks again
  11. Well I have joined the blue oval brigade! Roll on next week. 2.0TDCi Ghia in Jeans blue metallic with leather, privacy glass, parking sensors, a tank of derv and a years tax. Drove like a dream. Quick, quiet and smooth. Job done for the little family.
  12. Hello Again, Just driven a 2.0TDCi Ghia and hope to buy it. However the electric parking brake is a slight concern? Is it less reliable than a conventional handbrake? Worried about being stranded due to complicated technology? Also, how do you do hill starts? I seem to remember you had to have your foot on the footbrake when you release the parking brake - so then you'd have to rush the hill start wouldn't you? Surely I must be mistaking that? Are you held by the brake magically and it disengages when you move off? Thanks again. p.s. Other than this the wife and I really liked it. 2.0TDCi is very quiet and smooth with plenty of welly. Ghia trim with Heated Leather, privacy glass, parking sensors and cruise make for a nice car (nicer ambience than the Zetec IMHO) with lots of space.
  13. Fair point: I got just under £14K (leather + privacy glass + parking sensors, assume you don't have to pay extra for Jeans metallic) for the 2.0TDCi Ghia (nonDPF whatever that is?) from DrivetheDeal. Screen price of the 05 Ghia is £13995 so not favourable on the face of it. This is slightly academic though given its cost for me to trade-in 2 cars into 1. Mmm..think I'm being diddled a bit and need to haggle for a better deal.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Thats interesing - I was working on Glasses adjusted trade in for the Nissan (average condition - its a bit tired) '03 DCi 2.2 SE spec with 81k miles is @£4.5K and about £5.8K for Cupra with 39k (its a 2001 Y). So I thought we were certainly paying a bit for lazy "two cars into one" convenience but not to the extent of your calcs To provide a little more context, we've got an 11week old baby and I work in a different town to where we live (Bournemouth) so we're time poor at the mo! Even so, it looks like I've got to eek a bit more out of the deal. FWIW I thought the C-Max Ghia 2.0TDCi with the leather was lovely and I want it!!! It suits our current needs perfectly Cheers for the reply. I'll provide some roadtest feedback - contrasting and comparing with the Cupra and the Nissan (chalk and cheese anyway) later!
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