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  1. Nice motor mate, great photos / captions, keep us informed.
  2. As far as I know these wallaces are used to access the mechanism of the door handles for removal.
  3. Thanks folks, like the idea's so far. Can you order steering wheel accents ?, or would I be betting getting a zetec one from a breakers (swapping airbag probs ?) Will spraying the door handles work out ok (e.g. will the hidden parts look ok when the handle is pulled /opened - anyone done this ? any advice ?) I priced titanium alloys today from a ford dealer £ 603 !! without tyres !!, I guess I'll be heading to the breakers yard for the alloys / lights and maybe seats. Can anyone recommend a good yard that does mail order, or is the 2005 foci too young to source parts this way yet ?
  4. I've just admitted to having an LX, and from the results so far, round here its almost as rare as an ST3 :lol:
  5. Please excuse the badly spelt thread title (typical, I spell-checked everything else) FNG's eh !!!
  6. Hi All, I'm new to forum. I bought a 05 1.6 100bhp LX Focus from Motorpoint for £ 7686.13 a couple of weeks ago (I'm on a budget, - then again, apart from Chelsea FC who isn’t ? :) ) It had 14k on the clock, and is immaculate. I'm really pleased with it, its my first focus and I cant get over what a great drive it is - now I know what the focus fuss is about ! 8) My mission is to turn my "Poverty Spec LX" into something a bit more tasty, but at the same time not too pimped. Ideally I'd like it looking like a higher spec car (to the casual eye at least) but overall fairly standard. I
  7. Has anyone tried the Gear Knob and Handbrake covers from ; http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/i ... e5d6fe074a They look like authentic parts and their prices seem a bit lower than the Ford dealers, whats the quality like ? Also, are their aluminium door cills authentic / good quality ? Cheers.
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