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  1. :lol: Confusing indeed! Hopefully I can shed some light on some of the finer details as my Ghia was one of the first in the country to have some of the changes you mention.. Car BUILT: Early September 2006 Additions over previous Ghia model: 1. Door mirror repeaters as standard 2. One shot Sony stereo as standard (although I upgraded to DVD satnav) 3. Submarine lighting as standard (nice orange glow from courtesy light onto gear stick area when headlights on) 4. Body colour fog light eyebrows (plastic strip above fog lights which is normally plain black/grey plastic, you can just make
  2. Hmmm it's a tricky one - I had the same dilemma when getting my new Mk2. Both models are almost identical in kit - basically it comes down to whether you want to pay a bit more for the Titanium and get the half-leather seats or pay a bit less and get the Ghia with the cruise control.. I went for the Ghia (1.6Ti-VCT 115) in the end as I like my toys :lol: and I'm not that keen on leather anyway - I actually think the standard Zetec seats are the best (though haven't tried the ST yet!). I changed the wood-effect console surround straight away and got these extras.. Park Assist Power Ti
  3. Anyone tried this for locating buzzes and rattles? http://www.rattlebuster.com Heard about it ages ago and it just happened to be on Radio2 (drivetime) today.. I keep getting intermittent buzzes from vibrations in the car, but pinpointing them is very difficult while on the move!! :evil:
  4. You can also hold your finger over the sensor on the frame of the mirror while its in 'dim mode' to see what a 'normal' mirror would be showing.
  5. I've got the same car as you (1.6 Ti-VCT Ghia) with about the same miles on the clock and my average is about the same too. I'm almost always doing short journeys and pootling around town. I did a long trip on motorways (around 300 miles) and the fuel economy figure rocketed up (I'm sure I read about 55 mpg!), but I did reset the computer just before I left :wink: I had a Focus Mk1 1.6 (100bhp) Ghia for 7 years and that regularly averaged around 35 for the same short journeys.. :shock: The Mk2 is never gonna match that - it loves its fuel...
  6. Sounds like Machine Silver to me - not that many of them about as the colour was deleted quite early from the range if I remember rightly. It's in my original '05 brochure, but not the November '05 brochure. This would fit as your car is an early '05 model..??
  7. ... no, not from the passenger seat :lol: I've searched through old posts but can't find anyone else having this specific problem - when I've been driving for about 10 minutes and the car is 'warm' I get a brief whining/groaning noise when pulling off in first gear. Can't work out if it's the clutch or the power steering as it seems to mainly happen at junctions when I'm turning and pulling away (always seems to be in first gear). I'm thinking it's probably the clutch as it happens just as the power starts coming in.. Anyone experienced similar? ..there's no smell (as I've read in othe
  8. Easy. Remove the radio, undo two screws (it was four on mine as its the DVD satnav) and out pops the centre console - apparantly the dials are not attached to the console (like the Mk1/1.5) but I didn't encounter this as the climate buttons are all incorporated into the headunit on mine :D . I changed my Ghia centre console for a Titanium the day after it arrived without any probs :wink: Took me about 20 minutes - would've been less but I struggled getting a couple of connectors out of the satnav unit. I got the info on 'how to' here
  9. Yes, it shows direction arrows (or which exit to take off a roundabout) and the distance to the next turn.. ..also tells you you're in a FordFocus in case you forget!!? I think Ford could have done a lot more with this extra lcd display, but I guess they were working on this at the time.... http://www.forddesktops.com/show.asp?f= ... 007_27.jpg I like my toys and can't wait for this to be included in the Focus Mk3..!! :D Not sure about the term 'Human Machine Interface' though :roll:
  10. Well, I'm guessing nobody ended up getting a definitve solution to the old window creaking problem? I've had my new Focus Ghia for 6 months now and I have a creaking - not from the window seals, but from the sunroof seal!! It's constant! I know it's coming from the sunroof as even when the car is stationary, you can press on the sunroof and hear it creak. I had a sunroof in my Mk1 Focus and the entire time I had it (7 years) never heard any creaking from it :evil: I doubt many of you guys (or gals) have a sunroof, but can anyone that does tell me if pushing up (from the inside of the c
  11. I had this with my new Ghia for the first couple of weeks - went away on its own though and not had it since (4 months now).
  12. Did this on my Focus Ghia - was pretty cheap and easy - can't imagine it being that different on the C-Max.. This thread gives the prices for the various Focus plastic trims. I'm sure Tezza can get exact prices for you but I'd imagine they'd be pretty similar. If you have to get the radio out (you do on the Focus) make sure you get the correct radio removal tools! See this thread for radio removal tool info - the ones I used were fine, radio came out easily. Good luck.
  13. S8N - Didn't mean to sound like I was knocking - I was actually quite tempted with the 'Infinity' initially as I agree, the all black interior of the new Focus is a tad bland.. I like the idea of the two tone dash.. Took one out in 'Infinity' but it just didn't feel right somehow. On the other hand, although the Ghia comes with two tone dash, it also comes with cream coloured seats which was a definite no-no for me! Ended up going for the Ghia in 'Ebony' but lightened it up with interior styling pack - I also kept the silver theme going by whipping out the wood-effect bezel and replacing
  14. They call it 'Infinity Blue' - you can't specify it now if you're buying new as it's been deleted - obviously didn't go down too well! I've seen a couple with this interior - in Zetec and the partial leather Titanium spec - it's kind of a bluey-grey colour in 'real life' - it lightens up the interior I guess but I don't think I could get used to the blue steering wheel..?? :shock:
  15. Yea, mine was fine for the first few months, but now the noise is gradually getting worse - it's more like a 'pop' or a 'crack' (..but not a snap, crackle and pop! :lol: ) Sounds like something that's made of hard plastic - might be the cover? Usual problem though - can't replicate it when the car is stationary!! :x I'm a nightmare with rattles - I just gotta cure 'em!! I had bits of wood and card wedged in all over the place in my Mk1... it was completely rattle-free though! :wink: Nice looking Titanium btw..
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