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  1. No problem mate the only silly question is a question that is left unasked.
  2. Etis is the system that ford use so I would imagine that it is pretty good at getting its figure correct. The registration document does tell you the power but it is in KW which is easy to convert to bhp. 1KW is the same as 1.34bhp so a 110bhp car would be 82kw.
  3. Sounds like you have dislodged the mechanism hopefully you can get it open if you follow the instructions in the below topic. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=217606
  4. No problem mate it would surprise you how many people ask the same question.
  5. There is no such thing as a stupid question. This where I put my axle stands when I have the car in the air. For the front I use the lower suspension arm unless I am working on the suspension then I reverse the positions of the jack and axle stand in the bellow picture The rear is even more straight forward just use the rear beam in front of the fuel tank.
  6. My rear bumper was even cheaper I sold that to someone on here for £10 to cover the costs of the packaging :lol: Martin my mate has a nightmare of a time getting stuff to Skye even though there is a bridge attaching it to the mainland it is still classed as an island so postage automatically doubles :roll:
  7. I am not sure what causes them to fail at the time I was more concerned about being able to get my alarm back on so it was just a straight swap for me.
  8. As long as they see the car before the warrenty expires they should honour it. You don't have to touch the latch it's self teh switch is completly seperate and is only held in by 2 bolts very easy to change.
  9. I can't be 100%sure but I think I paid about £20 for it but that was a couple of years ago. If they are not willing to change it under warrenty it will be worth asking Tezza for a price. He can get the parts at a discounted price and I use him for most of my parts, I know he has got a switch for me before so he will be able to get them easily.
  10. There is not a lot you can do about it mate you will have to change the switch, it seems to be quite a common fault. I had to do mine a couple of years ago and it has started playing up again so it will be a mtter of time before I change it again.
  11. The rear bumper will indeed fit, it uses all the same mounting points as well.
  12. The back ones are easy to fit but the front one is a bit more involved as you have to drop the subframe. I did do both of them on my drive though with the car on axle stands so it is possible.
  13. No they are more designed for track cars, the standard items are more than up for the job.
  14. I run the 24mm front and back ARB's and they are awesome, the amount of body roll that they cut out is amazing.
  15. I run a high powered ST and have no problems at all in the snow with the car sliding, I am sorry but if the car is sliding and the ESP has to correct the car you are not driving to the conditions.
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